Generation Two Outtakes

Here we are at the end of another generation, and I’ve decided to continue the tradition I started last time of publishing some of the extra pictures and scenes that didn’t end up in the final chapters.  Enjoy!

The first scene I cut was in Chapter 2.2, where Bianca first meets James and Tyler.  Originally James was a lot friendlier, and looked a lot happier in most of the pictures.  I decided I couldn’t really have that while I was trying to establish his overprotective attitude towards strangers with his sister, so he and Bianca didn’t end up interacting as much as I had initially intended at their first meeting.






Likewise, the two of them had a lot more fun in the in-game scene at the beginning of Chapter 2.3.  In the chapter, as you might remember, the whole thing was quite awkward and serious.  Here, they had a good giggle together, and end with a water fight in the rain.






The only problem with having a water fight in the rain is that in the pictures, it looks like Bianca just slapped James really hard across the face.

And here we see Bianca, moments later, emulating Jesus Christ.


(Chapter 2.4)

For story purposes, James often played with Tyler at the beach while Bianca was fishing.  In-game, he actually spent a good deal of time standing at the bottom of the sand-hill, staring at her feet.




(Chapter 2.4)

This chapter opened with Bridie growing up and moving out.  This was Bianca’s in-game reaction to the goodbye scene between her mother and sister… lol.  As you can probably guess, I left it out because it was pretty out of character for her.


One of the things that really bugs me about Late Night is the celebrity system, and how easy it is to become a celebrity even when you didn’t want to be one – to the point where I now use cheats (gasp!) to reset celebrity star levels of most of my sims.  For most of her life, Bianca was followed everywhere by paparazzi, who usually stood around snapping pictures of her while she was fishing.



To offset that annoyance, here are some cute early pictures of James and Tyler 🙂



(Chapter 2.5)

When I first tried getting Bianca to rub the genie lamp, she bugged out and wouldn’t ever actually complete the action, no matter how many times I reset her.  In the end, Nicole had to be the one to actually rub the lamp.  After that, Bianca was able to summon the genie just fine.  I did take a picture of it, thinking to maybe include it in the story, but, well… there were particular aspects of the picture which I felt ruined the immersion a bit.  Kudos to whoever can spot the problem (it’s pretty obvious to be honest).


Another scene I cut from this one involved a MALE GENIE.  The game crashed after the first time I activated the lamp, and came out with a different genie the second time around.  So, naturally, Genie #1 didn’t make it into the story.






“Well, dang, wouldya look at that. Sparkles. Huh.”


Also, a side note for EA games, where clearly no one has ever been fishing (or gardening, for that matter) in their lives – I’m pretty sure Star”fish” and Jelly”fish” can’t be caught with a fishing rod just because they have the word “fish” in their names…



And here’s Ian, having the time of his life jumping in a puddle :3  “Childish” was not one of his traits, by the way – he just really liked puddles.


(Chapter 2.6)

Since Bianca wasn’t there for Ian’s death, it seemed unrealistic to use all the pictures I took of his death scene.  So here they are in all their glory now.  R.I.P. Ian 😦












(Chapter 2.7)

In order to get the scene where James and Tyler’s mother gets arrested, I had to call the police to the house.  Several times.  Since there wasn’t actually an in-game emergency, the police had a go at poor Bianca every time.


Later, in set-up for the beach scene, I got Bianca and James together at the beach, but then she spent several hours fishing, while James just stood there and watched.







And then THIS CHICK APPEARED.  In the middle of their romantic evening on the beach.  Have I mentioned how much I hate the paparazzi?  Yeah, I really hate the paparazzi.







“The hell just happened.” “No clue.”

And then, thanks to clipping, I couldn’t use some of the best photos because Bianca’s hands were buried in the sand, and I’m a perfectionist and didn’t want my heroine’s hands chopped off just yet.





(Chapter 2.8)

When Bianca and James were dancing at the family barbecue, Tyler and Cody came out and started slow dancing next to them.  Too cute :3  Because of that, I toyed with the idea of getting the two of them together of a while, but in the end I decided that having two sets of siblings married to each other was a bit too neat.  Doesn’t often happen like that in real life.





James ending up freezing after they went swimming, which I tried to rectify by putting him in the hot tub.  No luck – he just kept freezing his ass off in the hot tub.


These were a few pictures I took of a pillow fight scene that was originally supposed to go between the dancing scene and the sleepover/deep discussion scene.  The story wasn’t flowing right, though, so I took it out.






(Chapter 2.9)

Did I include this picture in the chapter?  Because if I didn’t, I should have.  This is the cutest damn picture ever of the two of them.


Oh yeah, and then just after that, Tyler passed out at the subway station.  Good job, Tyler.


(Chapter 2.11)

DAMMIT, FREAKING PAPARAZZI!  Even in Egypt, where my sims are supposed to be having a ROMANTIC DINNER ALONE, I cannot escape them 😦



Again with the fishing crap.  I’m pretty confident that frogs and crocodiles are also not the sort of thing you can catch with a fishing rod.  And that crocodile is tiny.  It’s smaller than the FROG, for goodness’ sake.  Unless it’s a newborn baby crocodile or something, in which case… that’s just cruel, Bianca.



(Chapter 2.12)

Did I mention that Bianca went fishing literally right after James proposed to her?  I realise that it’s your passion and all, and that’s a really good fishing spot too, but… damn girl.  There are more important things happening right now.


…Like your bachelorette party!  Some of you who have played the bachelorette party in your own games may have realised that I changed Bianca’s look for the party.  By default, the bride gets dressed in a little veil and white cocktail dress, with all her hair mercilessly chopped off for some reason.  This is a distant shot of Bianca pre-makeover.


Also, the weirdly dressed guy in the black cap is actually James (lol)!  He wasn’t supposed to be at the party, but I decided to just let him be since he looked so different and hope you guys wouldn’t recognise him…


(Chapter 2.13)

Here, we have a sneak-peek of Tyler and Herb together as teenagers.  He invited her out on a date while she was still with Aron, but he looked pretty cute so I let her go.  That was what first gave me the idea to set the two of them up.  (I did change Herb’s appearance a bit, though – this is unfortunately not what he looked like as a vanilla sim.)


(Chapter 2.14)

It may or may not interest you to know that I had originally planned for Bianca to announce her second pregnancy to James at a later date, and she ended up telling Tyler first.  However, I eventually realised that a scene like that wouldn’t work with the pictures I had, in which James was standing about two feet away from them the whole time.  Not exactly realistic… so I cut it out.



I have no idea what she’s eating here, but apparently it’s disgusting.  Which is a bit sad, because it’s probably James’ cooking, and he’s meant to be halfway up the culinary career.


(Chapter 2.15)

At some point, pregnant Bridie came to watch one of Nicole’s shows.  And got very excited.


(Chapter 2.16)

And then Diana had her birthday, and for a few precious seconds was by far the sexiest kid I’ve ever had in a sims game.  Ever.


And by the way, Flynn was conceived in the shower.  Bet you really wanted to know that, huh? 😉


Di looking beautiful in the bath, because rendering.


(Chapter 2.17)

As a child, Emily rolled a wish to see a ghost, so I sent her to the family graveyard to see if she could find the ghost of one or both her grandparents.  She didn’t find any ghosts, but she did spend half an hour mourning over Nicole’s grave (R.I.P. 😦 ) and then another half hour concocting some sort of evil plan right next to it.



(Chapter 2.18)

In the last chapter, the family was out when James’ mum died.  That wasn’t the case in-game.  Diana was actually there for the whole thing, poor child.  This was her reaction:


And this was Emily’s:


Sigh.  Typical evil sims.

To finish off on a positive note, here’s a picture of Flynn passed out on the floor and looking very cute… in spite of the fact that this photo is really nothing but evidence of my terrible sim parenting skills.



So there you go, those were our Generation Two outtakes.  Next up is the Gen 2 family overview, where you can see all the traits and Lifetime Wishes of the different family members, and then I’ll be announcing the results of the heir vote, so stay tuned and see you soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “Generation Two Outtakes

  1. If the paparazzi bugged you, you could just turn off your family from the celebrity system. It’s in the game options.
    And the police- for any doctors or policemen in my game, I get a random sim moved in and then set the career by the mailbox with testingcheats and then get the sim dressed into an uniform. Done!
    Flynn on the floor looks cute.

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