Spirit Animal Award


And here it is:  my very first award nomination!  I can’t tell you how honoured I am to have received this from a fellow simmer whose work I am a huge fan of.  Thank you to Lila Remonn for the nomination, author of the wonderful Kingston Legacy.  If you haven’t already, I really recommend you give it a read – the third and most recent generation in particular is one of the best sims stories I have ever had the pleasure of stumbling across (with gorgeous sims and custom-made poses to match).

Spirit Animal Blog Award Acceptance Rules:

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their page.

2) Post the award picture on your blog.

3) Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.

4) If you could be any animal, what would it be, and why?

5) Pick and notify ten nominees.

About Me and My Blog:

I am eighteen years old and hail from Sydney, Australia.  I’m almost done with high school (thank God) and am studying hard for the Australian equivalent of final exams, SATs, whatever you want to call them.  Actually, who am I kidding, I’m not studying very hard at all.  In my spare time, of which I have way too much, I particularly enjoy drawing, writing, and playing computer games (Sims 3 included, of course).

I fell in love with the Sims when a friend lent me a copy of the original The Sims game when I was around 8 or 9.  Since then I have diligently played my way through Sims 2 and 3, buying all the expansion packs I felt were worthwhile.  My collection is extensive, but by no means complete.  I was originally inspired to write a legacy challenge story after reading The Shenston Legacy by StarSarah, but after several failed attempts over the years I gave it up for a while.  I continued to read and enjoy other people’s sims stories, and it was not until I got back into the game early last year that I decided to try a legacy challenge again.  Even this, I decided, I would not turn into a story.  But by around the second generation, I was both bored of the game and at the same time overwhelmed by a desire to share the stories I enjoyed making up about the family in my head as I played along.  I decided to start again, and this time, I would carry it through.  Thus, the Hunter Legacy was born.

To me, this blog is several things.  A creative outlet, where I can enjoy the process of writing and feel satisfied in myself when I write something I can be particularly proud of.  A way to keep me interested in the game – as much as I adore the Sims franchise, it can get repetitive after a while, and creating characters and plotlines to go with it makes the whole thing a lot more interesting.  A way to practice my narrative writing skills, which I tell myself will be useful for compulsory creative writing in English class.  And finally, a means to connect with friends and like-minded simmers around the globe, and share our creations together.  Honestly, I would be nowhere near as motivated for this as I am if it weren’t for you readers.  So thank you ❤

(Ok, so that was definitely not a short paragraph.  Sorry.)

If I could be any animal…

… (That isn’t a human, obviously)… I would probably be a cat.  Partly because they are cute and furry and I love them.  Also because they can basically do whatever the hell they want, and if they’re lucky, be loved and looked after at the same time.  Practically speaking, cats are around the top of the suburban food chain, so there wouldn’t be much danger of getting attacked.  Also they have mad jumping and climbing skills, which I imagine would be almost as good as flying.  Preferably a cool kind of cat, though… like an ocelot.

I’ll probably think of an even better answer when I’m lying awake in bed tonight, but for now that’s what I’m thinking.

ocelot 5

And finally, the nominees:

I don’t even have ten blogs that I’m following, so I’m going to have to be very choosy and just pick a select few that I think deserve an award.

Future of the Fae by Ryan

Alissa/Alissa Continues by Daisie

Whispers in the Wind by MischiefTheKitten

Thank you again for the award, it really made my day 🙂  I wish everyone reading this a great day, and I’ll see you all for the next chapter!

By the way, the family tree has recently been updated with new portraits and Nicole’s first great-grandchild.  Go and check it out if you’re interested!


~ Fibi ❤


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