Generation 3 – The Story So Far

Our current heir and POV character is Diana Hunter, daughter of Bianca and James and granddaughter of the legacy founder, Nicole.

Diana grew up in Starlight Shores as the eldest of three siblings. Her sister, Emily, was the troublemaker and party girl of the family. Last we saw Emily, she was on the brink of abandoning life as she knew it to pursue a career in crime.

She made a brief appearance at Diana’s wedding, but otherwise neither we nor Diana has any idea what she’s been up to since her teenage years.

Diana’s brother, Flynn, was prone to slacking off, and struggled in school as a child. As a teen, their parents sent him away to military school in the hopes that he would learn responsibility and discipline.

Soon after returning home, he moved out to start a new family with his wife, August (far left, below).

As a child, Diana was an overachiever, who focused all her energy on her schoolwork and pursuing her dream of a career in politics.

As a teenager, she met Luc, who challenged everything she thought she knew about herself and the world and forced her to adopt a more balanced outlook.

Although she was initially suspicious of his advances, the two eventually became good friends and went to prom together.

This was much to the dismay of Diana’s childhood imaginary friend (who Diana turned into a human using a mysterious potion), Pat, who had always had feelings for her.

After the prom, Diana’s best friend Mandy tried to encourage Diana to confront her developing feelings for Luc. Diana refused, too afraid of jeopardising her friendship with Luc to take a chance on any romantic feelings she might have for him.

After graduating high school, Diana planned to go to University to study a Political Science degree. The day before her departure, Luc confessed his love for her, and they began a long-distance relationship.

While she was at university, Luc encouraged Diana to enjoy a balanced lifestyle by focusing on social activities as well as her studies. Taking his advice to heart, Diana attended a friend’s party, where she managed to get blackout drunk and made out with a strange guy, thinking it was Luc.

After her return home, Di confessed to Luc what she had done. They got into a huge fight, and Di left his house in tears, thinking their relationship was over.

Diana sought comfort from Pat, who reassured her that all was not lost and encouraged her to go back to Luc and talk it out.

She returned to Luc’s house, where both of them apologised and forgave each other. They decided to go on a make-up date at the park that evening.

After the date, they went back to Luc’s house, where things got a little hot and heavy.

In the following days, Diana started to feel consistently nauseous. During an afternoon hanging out with her old friend Mandy, the latter suggested that Diana might be pregnant, which she fearfully denied. Pregnancy was not in her plan right now – she still had a degree to complete and a career to get started before even thinking about starting a family.

Mandy’s hunch turned out to be correct, and Diana had difficulty accepting the disruption to her life plans. She blamed Luc for the situation, and out of a combination of anger, shame and embarrassment cut him off entirely and refused to speak to him for months while her pregnancy progressed.

Eventually Luc came to her house himself and forced her to talk to him. In his shock, he made the mistake of asking whether or not the child was his, and Diana, insulted and furious, drove him out of the house.

Weeks later, he returned to apologise and they made up, with Luc promising to stay and take care of her and their child.

Eventually their first child, Gabriel Hunter, was born. Although she had struggled to accept at first that her life was taking a very different course from what she had planned, Diana loved her son dearly and cared for him as best she could, with the support of Luc and her family.

After Gabriel’s birth, Diana started her first job in politics as a polling officer for local elections. While she worked, Luc stayed at home to care for their son.

However, just when she was starting to feel like her career was back on track, Diana discovered that she was pregnant again.

The second pregnancy took less of an emotional toll on Diana than the first, because Luc was there to support her the whole time. During her pregnancy, Luc proposed marriage, and she accepted.

Their engagement was a long one, since Diana didn’t want to get married while she was still pregnant. A year or two after giving birth to twins Hugo and Hope, Luc and Diana were married in a big wedding surrounded by their friends and family.

After the wedding, Diana decided to return to university to finish her degree. She finally managed to graduate successfully with a degree in Political Science.

Having earned her degree also earned Diana additional respect and prestige in the Political world. She started a new job as a campaign manager for a local politician, Amelia Jefferson.

Although her boss was quite harsh and unwelcoming, Diana soon befriended her colleague and Amelia’s personal assistant, Celia.

And that’s as far as we’ve got! Come back tomorrow for the year-in-the-making revival of Diana’s story, as she tries to juggle campaigning her boss to victory in the local elections with being a mother to three fast-developing young children.

I must admit, even writing this has made me feel more like continuing the story, so hopefully this new wave of motivation will last long enough to get a decent chunk of writing done. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. It means a lot ❤


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