Some Explanation and Ramblings on Gen 3 to Gen 4

Hello, friends!

As anyone who’s been reading my posts from the last few weeks would be aware, Generation 3 is well and truly back on track. Not only that, but… it’s almost over! Yep, we’re about to say goodbye to Di and Luc and hello to our as-yet-undecided Gen 4 heir.

More specifically, the second-last chapter will be posted on Saturday and should wrap up the election-related plot points, and then the final chapter/epilogue (I might decide it doesn’t count as a real chapter depending on its length) will be out the following week. If you’re interested in why I’m ending the story here, keep reading, but otherwise you can skip down a few paragraphs to the part about the Gen 4 heirs because that’s the part that’s actually important.

I’ve made the decision to end Generation 3 here rather than carry it all the way through to the pinnacle of Diana’s career for a few reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, while I could drag it out longer, I feel that Di’s story is coming to its natural end, and the rest of her career progression beyond her home town can be comfortably set in the background of Gen 4. By the end of chapter 3.20, most things currently up in the air will have been resolved and, although she won’t achieve her ultimate goal by the end of the generation, the main character developments will have taken place.

The second reason is to do with how previous generations have gone: Nicole, as you may or may not remember, achieved her dream within her lifetime but not within the span of her generation, which is why I feel comfortable with not dragging out Di’s story until she fulfills her lifetime wish. Also, although I am generally of the opinion that one should take as long as one needs to tell the story without worrying too much about length, the fact that we’re at the 20-chapter mark around which previous generations have ended makes me feel like this is a good place to end this one.

The third and final reason is simply that I don’t have the motivation to drag Di’s story out any further. I love my characters and I love writing about them, but it’s been over two years (!) since generation 3 began, which means that’s how long these characters have been sitting in my head and the truth is I’m just over it and so ready to start something new. So while that’s not a very good reason to end a story, it is one which holds a lot of weight for me at this point in time.

So, on to Generation 4…

In light of the current generation coming to an end, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to kick off Gen 4. I do want to do another heir vote, since you guys seem to enjoy them (the only reason I didn’t do one for Gen 1-2 was because I had like… 3 readers back then and it felt a bit self-important to put it up to a vote as though I were pretending that I had dozens). So that I don’t get disappointed, I’m doing my very best not to pick favourites between Luc and Di’s children and to get myself pumped up for any and all of their potential stories so I’ll be pleased and excited no matter who gets picked. In spite of my best efforts, I’m not totally impartial, but I won’t share my thoughts because I wouldn’t want them to influence your decision as to who you most want to see in the spotlight for the next generation. I keep telling myself that if I’m getting too invested in one potential heir, it just means I have to flesh out the others more!

Having said that, I do have some concerns. Some of you may know that I was very surprised and kind of disappointed when Di won the vote last gen, because she honestly wasn’t the one I was most keen on writing about. As I got into her story and became invested in the characters, I stopped mourning the stories I didn’t get to tell and now I wouldn’t have it any other way. BUT I have always wondered what made Diana so appealing to those who voted. Was her bio just that much more compelling than her siblings’? After rereading Gen 2, I came to the conclusion that people were probably leaning more towards Diana before the heir vote and bios even went up, because she got the most screentime and her character was the most developed by the end of Bianca’s generation. I consider this a mistake on my part and a disservice to Flynn and Emily, so this time I want to do something a bit different.

While I would love to open up the heir vote now and keep releasing chapters while it’s going so that there’s no gap in posting, I feel I owe it to the heirs to be a bit more even-handed this time. So, after 3.20 comes out, I’ll be releasing 3 new chapters, one each from the perspective of Gabriel, Hugo and Hope. These chapters will be the opening chapters of each of their stories, and the one that is voted in as heir is the one whose story I’ll continue, while the others will fade into the background. So you can think of these as 3 alternate versions of the first chapter of Gen 4, and you pick which one becomes the “official” story. I’ll put out more detailed information when it comes time for the vote itself.

I think that’s about all I wanted to say. Sorry this post became so long – no hard feelings if you didn’t feel like reading it all! Any questions or ideas, comment below and I’ll respond to the best of my ability. And just because it feels boring to post this much without a single image, I’ll leave you with a small teaser(?) for Saturday’s chapter 😉

As always, thank you for reading. I appreciate it more than I can express, and I hope all of you have a wonderful day. ❤





8 thoughts on “Some Explanation and Ramblings on Gen 3 to Gen 4

  1. I am a little surprised that generation 3 is already coming to an end, but after reading this post, I understand your decision and I’m looking forward to finding out more about our future potential heirs soon. It’ll also be my first time taking part in an heir poll on your blog!

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    • Thanks for understanding, Jowita 🙂 I think it will be a lot of people’s first time, given how long Gen 3 has been going on. And more voters means a more defined and reliable result. I’m really excited!

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  2. I’m surprised Gen 3 is ending soon, but how Diana’s goal will take a long time to achieve, and how that can happen in the background, makes total sense. I’m sure you will have tons more fun writing Gen 4 anyway!
    I personally wouldn’t do a heir vote, because we as writers probably know which heir we will enjoy writing about the most, but I really like this idea of alternate beginnings. I’m looking forward to it 😀

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    • I knew a lot of people would be surprised – I myself was pretty surprised – which is why I made this post to explain it. You may have noticed, depending on how well you know politics in the game, that Diana’s career has been roughly following the progression of the ingame political career track, from Ballot Counter to Campaign Intern to City Council Member (hopefully), etc. I decided to limit her active career (that is, the parts I write about) to Starlight Shores, rather than follow her all the way to becoming President (i.e. “Leader of the Free World”). If I hadn’t been sick of writing Gen 3, I might have done the latter, but I’m a little worried that if I don’t stop soon I’ll lose my motivation again and stop writing altogether. If I could, I would have stopped writing Gen 3 a while ago, but from a story standpoint that would have been stupid and unsatisfying, so this is kind of like my compromise with myself.
      I know that you don’t like heir votes (which is totally fine, by the way, and I still love your story) and sometimes I wish I could just give myself full creative control, but I know that people enjoy them, enjoy having a say in what kind of story they want to read. And honestly I enjoy it as well, because it means people care enough about me and what I’m writing to give their input, and it’s always interesting to find out what that input is. Similar reason, really, to why I enjoy reading and replying to everyone’s comments. Plus, whichever character I’m writing always grows on me. If I hadn’t done an heir vote last generation, there would be no Di or Luc, and that would be very sad for me, as much as I really wanted to tell Flynn’s story at the time. Diana’s entire story was a “happy little accident”, as Bob Ross would say 🙂

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      • You have a great point there! It’s really interesting to think of what stories and characters could have appeared if another heir had been chosen. Everything would have been wildly different. Heir votes are something I love participating in as well! I just enjoy planning for myself more, Gens 4 + 5 have been in planning for over a year now, omitting the vote gives me way more time to craft the stories. I miss the spontaneous and collaborative nature of having readers choose, though 😣
        Yes to the amazing Bob Ross!

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        • That’s fair enough, and probably works best for a story like yours where you mainly use the game to illustrate a prewritten narrative. It is one of the disadvantages of a vote that until it’s resolved you can’t properly start working on the story. It really depends what you’re going for.
          Lol I love Bob Ross so much. RIP 😦

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  3. I didn’t begin having an heir vote until Blue’s generation which was gen 3. It was so much fun. But I feel like you do in that some of the potential heirs received more attention which, I think, colored the voting process. I think your idea on how to go about it now is really clever and I can’t wait to see how it works out.

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    • Thanks, Kymber! Yeah, the hope is that everyone will get equal-ish screentime this time around so there won’t be as much of an imbalance. It was probably a lot harder to do in your story with six kids to balance between!
      It’s interesting how in both Diana’s and Marty’s case, the eldest is the one that gets picked for the heir vote, because they naturally get more time being in the story as a result of entering it before any of their siblings. That, and by the last few chapters which tend to focus more on the kids, the eldest is often the most developed both character-wise and physically, so there’s more opportunity for interesting plotlines surrounding them. Even in this generation, I’m pretty sure Gabriel’s had double the screentime that either of his siblings had simply because he’s the eldest, which is obviously something I’m hoping to even out a bit.

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