Generation 4 Heir Vote

The heir vote for Generation 4 is finally here! How exciting 😀

Below you’ll find the poll where you can vote for who you want to become the heir and POV character for the fourth generation of this story, as well as traits and bios for each of the candidates. You will also find portraits of each candidate as a young adult to assist you with your decision, genetics-wise.

The vote will be up for a week, during which time I’ll be posting the Gen 3 Outtakes and Family Overview to keep you entertained. Once the vote is over and the new heir is announced, I’ll update you on when to expect the next chapter in their story.

A few things I’d like you to consider before we begin:

  1. If you haven’t yet read Hope’s, Hugo’s, or Gabriel’s introductory chapters, please do so before you vote! It’s really important to me that each of them gets the screentime they deserve so that you can get to know them somewhat equally before you make your decision.
  2. Speaking of the introductory chapters, I’d like you to remember that they are intended as introductions to the characters more than anything else, and don’t necessarily reflect the path that their stories will take. If you’re looking for a taste of what each story will be like, please refer to their bios and LTWs below.
  3. Please bear in mind that the portraits below are merely a guide, and hair, makeup and especially clothing are subject to change, as the kids are still teens in-game (which, incidentally, is why they are shown below with only four traits). There are a couple of exceptions, for example I’m pretty much set on Gabriel’s hairstyle as it appears below, and Hope will almost certainly acquire the Animal Lover trait when she becomes a young adult.
  4. There are measures in place to prevent multiple votes, but they can be duped pretty easily. Therefore, I would like to ask that everyone only vote once in order to keep the outcome as fair as possible.

Now to introduce our heirs:

Gabriel Hunter


(Master the Painting, Sculpting and Inventing Skills)

Current Traits:

Artistic, Genius, Unflirty, Perfectionist

The only thing Gabriel has ever really cared about is his art – he never wanted nor appreciated the popularity and female attention that was forced upon him as a young man. As an adult, he enters the field of Interior Design in hopes of sharing his work with the world, but soon discovers that passion alone will only get him so far. Will Gabriel have what it takes to succeed as both an artist and a designer… and can any woman of mere flesh and blood ever take the place of the muse in his heart?

Hugo Hunter


(Rescue 50 Sims as a Lifeguard)

Current Traits:

Athletic, Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Neat

Hugo has been working towards the same dream his entire life: becoming a star football player for the Starlight Gnomes. But people change, and dreams change, and when Hugo becomes the hero in a near-fatal accident, his life and his priorities are thrown into harsh perspective. As his life takes its first turn into uncharted waters, Hugo might just find everything he ever wanted… in a place where he never expected it to be.


Hope Hunter


(Reach Riding Skill Level 10/Earn $40,000 Using Horses)

Current Traits:

Easily Impressed, Loves the Cold, Absent-Minded, Hot-Headed

Hope has never been brilliant or goal-oriented like her brothers. All she has ever wanted is to surround herself with the animals she adores. So when she discovers the world of competitive equestrianism, she also discovers a chance to turn her passion into ambition. But this world is harsher than it first appears, and Hope, who has always been a little too trusting for her own good, may one day be forced to choose between the only goal she’s ever had and the animals she’d give her life for.

And finally, it’s time to cast your vote. Happy voting, and may the best sim win!


40 thoughts on “Generation 4 Heir Vote

    • Thanks Lila! On the one hand, I’m sorry for making your decision so hard lol. But on the other, if you’re still conflicted I guess that means I did my job right in terms of setting them on an even playing field this time around!
      They did grow up pretty well. Nothing on yours, obviously 😛 But I’m pretty happy with them. They’re not much of a mixture, genetically – Gabe is the most mixed, but his colouring is all Nicole’s (which is kind of adorable), Hugo looks like Di, and Hope looks like Luc. They all have Luc’s lips, though victory fist

      Liked by 1 person

          • Wowww 😮 They have some damn good genes. Because my Gen 3 kiddos are very much edited lmao. I changed all their ‘colours’ when they were born and edited their faces continuously as they grew up 😐 And I know for sure I’ll have to completely edit the next gen kiddos, since Gabe’s face is super awks up front (that’s why I only ever do side shots of him…). I’m such a cheater LOL.

            Liked by 1 person

        • Lol but you have the hottest characters to show for it! 😉 I didn’t realise that the kids in your legacy were edited tbh, I just thought “oh that’s super cool, so Cara has Xander’s hair and Fern’s eyes, Cinna has Briar’s hair and eyes, and Cherry has Max’s”. I think if you’re not playing by the rules to start with, it’s ok to edit the characters to suit the story. Generally I just prefer not to because I find it really interesting to see how the kids come out a mix of their parents, but I have always tried to influence the kids’ genes through the way I make the spouse to look (see exhibit A: Luc’s thin lips, which were deliberately introduced to offset Di’s large, pouty ones) which I guess is another way of cheating, haha.

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          • Hehe thanks!
            Yeah, I did match up the colours to their parents/grandparents and hoped that it wouldn’t look weird since they are triplets lol.
            That’s a really interesting way to influence the kids’ looks! For Gen 4, I think I will take pictures of the original looks (and show them if they aren’t horrific) but I’m trying out a new way to craft their appearances. I’ve chosen real life people/models that I think look like combinations of the parents’ features (I’ve spent ages finding accurate ones haha). I won’t copy them completely but hopefully being inspired by them will help the characters look more unique and human.


        • I thought it was fine, since they’re obviously fraternal triplets, which don’t have anything more in common genetically than normal siblings. And I don’t know how much you edited them, but I could definitely still see their parents in them. I’d be really interested to see what your Gen 4 kids look like unedited (I bet they’re not as bad as you think with such gorgeous parents). If you’re going to edit them though, that’s a really interesting way of doing it. Whenever I try to base sims on real people they just come out looking really ugly and weird lol, so I just give up.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Awesome!
            Alright, I’ll post them and hope Gabriel doesn’t mess em up too badly lmfao. I’m very excited to make the Gen 4 kids, especially one (that is not Cheriel’s) because her model is just so beautiful. I’m also excited to do the baby/toddler/kid stages. I can’t stand those demon burritos, and I’ve seen Tumblr people make actually adorable babies, so I hope I can too!


        • Ooooh, “one that is not Cheriel’s”? THE PLOT THICKENS 😮 I actually don’t mind babies as much as a lot of people seem to, but I still have their lifestage set to like 2 days cause they’re so boring lol. I didn’t know you could edit them, though! Is that something you can do with mods, or do you just mean clothes and skins? Because I’ve found that a good baby reskin can make a lot of difference towards making them look less demonic 😛

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          • LOL nooo I forgot to mention, the Gen 4 kids include the ones of Lilith, Luc, Raphael, Michel + whoever their partners are. There’s gonna be a lotta kids!
            The method is actually by shrinking a toddler using a resizing OMSP. There’s way more freedom with how you can edit a toddler, so by using cc sliders, skins, makeup, etc. it is possible to make a realistic and cute baby!
            Sorry for spamming your post, by the way 😂


        • Ohhh gotcha. Here I was thinking Cherry’s first kid was going to be with Luc or something. I look forward to seeing all their babies then :3 Although somehow I find it hard to imagine Raphael with kids :/ Perhaps the right person -cough- Lilith -cough- will incite a change of heart.
          That’s really cool, I did not know that was a thing. Whenever I’ve seen people with toddlers pretending to be babies it always looks really weird because it’s like… that is not the size a newborn should be.
          And don’t worry about the spam lol. Although I was thinking maybe I should just give you my email at this point xD

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          • I can’t really imagine Raph with kiddos either. I imagine he would be one of those cool but slightly distant dads.
            Yeah, newborns are tiny! I remember the time Ashley’s first appearance was as a toddler, despite being born a few hours ago. LOL I can’t get over the huge fail in logic 😭

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    • By the way, do you mind if I ask you what precisely it is you like about Hugo as a character (especially as opposed to Gabriel)? I’d love to hear your thoughts. It might help me make my decision, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think part of the reason why I like Hugo more is that he’s very hard working, determined, and clear in his future plans, which I admire (though we do know it changes later). And I really liked how nice and respectful he was when he asked Adelaide out + got rejected, although his brother was polite as well. I suppose he’s a bit similar to Diana, but he has this sweetness and earnest emotion that both his mother and Gabriel sort of lack… perhaps because Gabriel is so invested in his painting it seems he is less emotional and doesn’t really care about anything else?

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        • Gotcha, so basically he’s driven (like Di) and he’s passionate, which are things you admire, whereas Gabriel comes off more stoic, I guess?
          Although it’s interesting that you say that Gabriel is so absorbed by his painting that it seems like he doesn’t care about anything else, even though Hugo is so hyper-focused on sports and working out, lol. Perhaps it’s because Hugo’s chapter had more of a focus on his relationships and his feelings for Adelaide.
          Anyway, thank you, that was helpful. I’ll keep it in mind 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          • That’s true, both of them are very much focused/obsessed on one thing, and Hugo’s chapter did allow him to show a lot more emotion. I think Gabriel’s love life could be more interesting because he’s not lowkey desperate like Hugo haha, so that special someone must be indeed special 😃


          • Actually, I should probably note that the characters I like most are quite a specific type haha. For the guys, my faves are the typically the ones who are soft + sweet + emotional, but are also strong + independent + driven. Which Hugo fits into lol. So disclaimer, this is more me just having personal taste rather than who might be the most interesting for me to read!


    • That’s fine, you’re allowed to have personal taste lol. I’ve just been thinking things over a lot and so I wanted to know what it was about the character that appealed to you. Don’t worry, it helped. Disclaimer of my own though, I hope you’re not disappointed if I don’t end up picking Hugo :/

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for voting! ❤ I’m glad you felt connected enough to each of the characters to have to deliberate for so long! (At least, I’m hoping it was that and not that you cared so little about any of them that you couldn’t decide who you were least apathetic towards, haha!)

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Kymber, is it okay if I ask you to outline exactly what it is you liked about Gabriel, and why you picked him over Hugo? I’m hoping it will help me decide between them! So whatever insight you can give would be helpful.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sure, no problem. I’m sorry I’m getting to it so late, though. Hope it’s still helpful. 🙂

        I picked Gabriel because:

        Sexy artist type
        Misunderstood by females and brother
        I liked his side of the conflict with his brother and wondered how he was going to make things right when he feels he didn’t do anything wrong.
        I liked how his interest wasn’t in girls but in his art.
        There’s something about men who paint. (I might have listed this already, though LOLOL)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Don’t worry, it was definitely helpful! 🙂 I think I’ve just about made my decision. Honestly at this point the only thing staying my hand is the fact that I feel like Hugo is better looking (especially as a female, which is important if he has a daughter that takes after him), therefore more visually appealing Gen 5 kids. But if it really bothers me, I suppose I can always edit sims a lot easier than I can edit characters and storylines on the fly. Thanks for taking the time to tell me your thoughts ❤

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  1. I voted yesterday, but I thought I would comment since I don’t do that often. I fell in love with Gabriel, honestly. Although I loved Hope, too. I really loved Gabriel’s consideration for his brother though in the end. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for commenting! I always look forward to hearing people’s thoughts on my writing and characters 🙂 I’m glad you love Gabriel! He’s a good guy, and he cares a lot about his siblings. I think he feels responsible for Hugo, in a way, because so many times he’s inadvertently been the cause of his pain.
      Poor Hope hasn’t gotten a lot of love this vote, lol. Which surprised me, because a lot of people seemed to really like her. I guess her brothers just had her beat… but that’s okay, we’re a bit overdue for a male heir anyway!

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