Who Voted for Hope? (Heir Vote Tiebreaker)

So as it turns out, the heir vote was a tie between Gabriel and Hugo. Since we can’t have two heirs, there are a couple of ways this could go. I could choose whoever was in the lead the longest, or I could leave it up to my personal preference, but what I’d like to try first is ask whoever voted for Hope (there was only one – poor Hope 😦 ) to come forward and break the tie. So whoever you are, thank you for voting, but I need you to vote for one of the other two now, lol.

If you voted for Hope, please comment below to let me know who you are and who your new choice is.

I won’t have this up for a week like the heir vote, probably just a day or two. If no one comes forward in that time, I’ll have to either make the decision myself, ask a friend to break the tie, or host a whole new vote for just Gabriel and Hugo and hope that it comes out uneven this time. Let me know which option you guys would prefer.

Thank you all for voting, I hope we can get this sorted soon so I can start planning Gen 4!



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