This Heir Vote is a Mess and I Need Your Help

Hello, friends.

So, as you can probably tell from the title, I’m in a bit of a dilemma. It doesn’t seem like whoever voted for Hope is going to come forward and break the tie, which means I have to do it, or host an entirely new vote. I’m not sure what to do, and after some reflection I’ve decided to be completely honest with you all about what’s going on and ask how you feel about the whole situation (assuming you care, I suppose – maybe I’m making too big a deal out of this whole thing, who knows).

Here is my dilemma:

a) Left to myself, I would probably choose Gabriel to be heir. If it had been a simple tie, that is probably what I would do. However, I cannot in good conscience make that decision, because

b) I feel like Hugo should have won the vote. This is because Hugo was actually winning up until the night before the vote closed. On that night, I was talking to some friends about the story and the heir vote, and one of them decided he wanted to participate. I made him read the intro chapters before he voted, but he hasn’t read the rest of the story. As far as I know, he doesn’t have much interest in the story, he just wanted to participate in the vote. He voted solely based on his own preferences, because I didn’t tell him what mine were, but

c) Because my friend (who voted for Gabriel to make the tie) is not a regular reader of the blog and has little investment in the story, I feel as if it would be wrong to count his vote. It feels like I would somehow be cheating those of you who do read and enjoy the story and so actually have investment in who becomes the heir – and the majority of you voted for Hugo.


d) I have no way of knowing whether all the other votes were legitimate. People may have voted multiple times, even accidentally (say, if it seemed like it didn’t go through the first time), or people like my friend who enjoy heir votes but don’t actually read the story may also have voted. So, following that logic, any or none of the votes could have been “legitimate”, and so I should either count every vote or discount the whole lot.

In light of the above, I have several options.

  1. Redo the heir vote, potentially between only the two boys, and hope we have a clearer outcome. This will take the longest, and might not even work.
  2. Declare Hugo the winner on the basis that, as far as I can tell, he was the favourite among my regular readers (although this may not be the case).
  3. Declare Gabriel the winner on the basis that my friend’s vote was as legitimate as any other from a non-reader, which some of the others may have been, and therefore the vote was a tie, to be left to my own personal preference.
  4. Wait until the person who voted for Hope comes forward and breaks the tie, which will probably happen at some point if they’re a regular reader, but may never happen if they just came by to vote in the heir poll.
  5. Ignore the vote and ask someone like a friend or family member to tell me who they prefer and just go off that (I don’t really want to do this, but it is an option).

So that’s what’s happened. I’m sorry everything has been all messed up and delayed, and maybe I shouldn’t be so bothered by it in the first place, but I want to be completely transparent with you guys. If you’re wondering, the reason I didn’t tell you all this about my friend earlier was because I did consider his vote legitimate, but upon further reflection, it felt dishonest, to me, to do so unless you agreed with me.

I always value your opinions on my story very highly, and so I ask once again that you tell me what you think of this latest development, and which of the above options you think would be best.

Thank you very much in advance.


14 thoughts on “This Heir Vote is a Mess and I Need Your Help

  1. I would say make Hugo the winner, not based on my own preferences, but because you know your friend was the one who gave the final vote to Gabriel. The point you made about some votes possibly not being legitimate — that is most likely the case with every heir vote in simlit, which would probably make every heir vote ever made illegitimate. So don’t worry about it! In all honesty, I don’t think it matters too much who actually gets chosen. In the end, it is up to the writer to craft a good story, whichever perspective it is from. And since you are a great storyteller, I trust you can make the story equally as enjoyable around any of the three kids 🙂

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    • Thanks, Lila. That means a lot ❤
      I followed that line of thinking as well, but the issue is, if it is the case that all votes could be illegitimate, then why should I single out his? He’s probably not the only one that voted without having read the whole story, and I feel like the fact that he’s my friend alone shouldn’t mean that he can’t have a say in the vote :/

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    • The other thing is, the more I think about the stories, the more I like Gabriel, so tbh I’d be kinda disappointed to pick Hugo, knowing that I had the choice, in a way I wouldn’t have been if he’d just won and that was the end of it (if that makes sense). On the other hand, picking Gabriel just for that reason would feel like I was saying “screw you guys, I’m going to ignore your opinion and do what I want even though I said the decision was up to you”.

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      • I would encourage you to choose which heir you personally feel is best, then. I’m sure no one will mind if you choose Gabriel, since the heir vote came to a tie anyway, and you’ve sufficiently explained the dilemma. In the end, it’s your story. And these kind of stories are flexible — there’s room to change and adapt if you feel you are missing something good that would have been in Hugo’s or Hope’s. I was doubtful of choosing Hugo before the bio, even though I liked his personality the best, because of how straightforward his path seemed to be, until the summary hinted at his life suddenly changing and going to uncharted waters. That sounded really exciting to me, and lead me to vote for Hugo rather than his more mysterious brother. I think a lot of people may have voted for Hugo on this basis of unpredictability — I’m sure if that element is in Gabriel’s story, everyone will be perfectly happy!

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        • That’s a really good point, thank you. I’ll see what other people have to say as well, but this was really helpful 🙂 Rereading Hugo’s bio, I can see why it was in a lot of ways the most engaging of the three, even though his LTW pretty much gave away the “twist” lol. I’m not certain how I would work that same sort of thing into Gabriel’s story, honestly, but they’re all very much unplanned at the moment so I’m sure I’d think of something.
          And now I’m torn between the brothers again as well after looking back at the heir vote page… sigh. Essentially, as the stories currently stand in my head, Gabriel has the most interesting romantic subplot, but Hugo has the most interesting career subplot.
          I’ll work something out, I’m sure. Maybe if I plot them out some more, it’ll be easier to choose? Either way, I’m glad to know that you don’t really mind either way and won’t hate me if I choose Gabe, lol. Thanks for talking me out of this mess! ❤

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  2. Whenever I have a couple to pick from for the next generation I look at a who has been the most fun/interesting to deal with when they were younger, yet on the other hand not to have the next heir repeat what their parents had done, I was thinking of all the fighting their mom and dad did. They had me wondering there a few times. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed what parents did, and it was not for the love of her life, Dina would have led a very dull life (keeping her nose buried in a book, instead of living life).

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    • That’s a really good point! I’m honestly not sure who is the most interesting, lol, because I deliberately made them all as equally interesting as possible! I’m thinking I’ll plot out each of their stories a bit more and that might give me a clearer idea of whose I want to write.
      Luc’s presence really did spice up Diana’s story, haha! I mean, couples do fight, and some couples fight a lot, but with Luc and Di it was a clash of explosive personalities more than anything. I think the kids are a lot more easygoing, so they’ll probably have less tumultuous relationships, but we’ll see.


  3. As someone who isn’t caught up on your legacy yet, I can say without bias that if the votes of your readers matter as much to you, then possibly redo a vote just between the two boys? My opinion is always that the writer should decide genuinely where her heart is. If you have a particular inclination towards a character, then you should pick that one. But I understand that having the reader participation/feedback in choosing the direction of the story can be really important, too. If you think there is no fair way to decide, then draft a new poll or just go with what you are most pulled towards =) Hope you sort this out in a way that makes you happiest!

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    • Thanks, Jade! At this point I’m thinking I should just make the decision, but the problem is I’m torn between the two, lol. I’m going to draft out their stories a bit further and then decide which story I most want to tell.


  4. Honestly, I think you should maybe choose who you would like to write. 🙂 I voted for Hugo, but would not mind at all reading Gabriel’s story. Whatever you decide, I’m still a loyal reader. 😀

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