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I was tagged for this challenge by Lila Remonn, whose moodboards are just… so extra it’s amazing. Inspired by the lengths to which she took the challenge, and because I had nothing better to do with my time, I created moodboards for the founder and both heirs, as well as the rest of Diana’s immediate family. I won’t be tagging anyone because the original tag was seven(!) months ago so I’m a bit late to the party. With that said, I hope you enjoy!









10 thoughts on “Moodboard Tag

  1. LOL I am definitely extra — in the summer I’m going to make new moodboards for everyone, and I mean literally everyone on my Characters page. Gonna be fun!
    Damn, these all look amazingggggggg ❤ I think I like Diana’s one the best, but Gabriel and Hugo’s look so good as well hehe 😜😍 Have you made any progress in deciding which guy you will choose?

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    • Wow, looking forward to seeing them! And thank you ❤ Diana’s is my personal favourite as well, although I actually really liked Hope’s. It’s pretty 😀
      I don’t know if I told you this, but basically I’ve decided to plot their stories out a bit further and then work it out from there. So I’ve been doing that the past couple of days, and talking it through with my boyfriend, who has actually been super helpful in making sure the stories make sense and achieve what I want. Like I’ll say to him “this is my idea” and he’ll be like “well that’s cool, but don’t you think that’s out of character?” or “have you thought about such-and-such a plothole?” It’s very handy, haha. So far I’ve basically worked out Gabriel’s, and now I’m plotting out Hugo’s to my satisfaction so I can decide which one I want to use, although according to the current plan the two do overlap somewhat, especially at the beginning.

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    • You can get a lot more accurate with quotes than images in a lot of cases, but I find images give a better overall aesthetic sense. Maybe it’s just the kind of moodboards I’m used to making for designs at uni. Glad you liked them, anyway 🙂

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