I’ve Made My Decision

… Sorry it took so long. I actually decided this weeks ago, but then uni and assignments and… yeah. You’ve heard it all before. So without further ado, the heir to Generation 4 will be…

Gabriel Hunter

(I haven’t done an official “heir photoshoot” so please accept this smiling Gabriel as a placeholder. Side note: does anyone know why some of the shadows in my game/screenshots – like the ones around Gabriel’s neck in the above picture – are so pixelated, and how do I fix it?)

I know a lot of you liked Hugo – some more strongly than others – and will likely be at least a little bit disappointed by this decision. So I’m going to try and, not justify it exactly, but walk you through as much as I can of my thought process without spoiling the story, so that you can hopefully understand why I came to the conclusion that I did.

First of all, when I asked for advice on the heir vote situation, the majority of you said that I should pick who I wanted/go with my gut. So to start with, I plotted out both Gabriel’s and Hugo’s stories, in the hope that it would help me to decide who I liked better, because I really did have a great deal of affection for both of them.

Initially as I was writing the stories, I was leaning towards Hugo, because his involved a sort of redeption arc and a teen-child mentor type relationship, which is another of my soft spots (a bit like Bianca and Tyler in Gen 2, but not quite). However, Gabriel had the interesting romantic arc going for him, as well as the fact that I just enjoyed writing him more.

It was really important to me that the events of the stories made sense, not only in terms of the timeline but that they were consistent with the characters themselves and that the way they played out was logical and meaningful. And the more I explored their stories, the more Gabriel’s seemed to make sense, and Hugo’s just kept hitting wall after wall. There were a couple of scenes that were common to both storylines, and I found that pretty much all of them made more sense and had more significance in terms of character and plot development from Gabriel’s perspective than Hugo’s. Eventually it came to a point where the only thing Hugo really had going for him was that he was (in my opinion) better looking. And at that point, I thought, if it’s really that big a deal I can edit Gabriel’s face. It’s not something I do often, but I will if it bothers me, and characters and story are far more important.

So that’s why I ended up choosing Gabriel. I hope my reasoning made sense, and you can understand where I’m coming from even though I’m sure some of you will still be somewhat disappointed. If it’s any consolation, Hugo is still going to be around a lot (remember we still have that whole Adelaide debacle to sort through). I plan for their stories to be interwoven a fair bit, especially near the start while they’re still living in the same house. So rest assured, we’ll still be seeing plenty of him and his story will still be playing out in the background, just from Gabriel’s perspective.

Thank you all for voting, and I’m sorry the whole heir-picking process didn’t go quite as planned. I’ve told you the story before about how Diana was actually my least favourite when she was first voted in and now I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I’m sure that as the story continues I and hopefully you will come to love Gabriel in the same way. In the meantime, feel free to let me know your thoughts, and (fingers crossed) I’ll see you soon for the official start of Gabriel’s story!

12 thoughts on “I’ve Made My Decision

  1. I’m not sure about the shadows… do you have the lighting/shadows in Options at highest quality?
    Yay for Gabriel! As we will be seeing more of Hugo, I’m not disappointed, don’t worry 😀 I’m really excited to begin reading Generation 4 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, everything’s at the highest setting. I looked it up and unfortunately it seems to be linked to hardware. It’s fixable, but not very easily :/
      Hugo will definitely still be around! In fact I was shooting scenes for the next chapter or two just this afternoon, in which he features quite prominently. I’m glad you’re excited – I’m excited to begin writing it as well! 😀

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    • Man, I really dropped the ball there for an entire month. I’m suitably embarrassed. Sorry about that.
      I’m glad you’re happy, though! I was hoping at least some people would be. He’s my favourite too, especially since I’ve started properly working on his story 🙂


  2. Just because we’ve heard the excuse before doesn’t make it any less relevant. I feel you girl. Don’t you wish you were 12 years old again, when summer break seemed like forever and we spent all of our time playing sims? Those were the days!
    I’m sure Gabriel’s story will be super fun to read! I feel like we all tend to connect strongly to certain characters, but I’m sure we will all love Gabriel.
    I’ve had the same kind of super frustrating issues caused by hardware. Too bad there’s no perfect system to play this darn game on.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! As you can tell from the delay in even replying to comments, the excuse was relevant once again :/ I happen to be on summer break now, though, so at this point it’s more a matter of motivation than spare time. I hope you will all end up loving Gabriel, though! He’s certainly growing on me the more I write and plan about him.
      Sims 3 is really terribly optimised, but I still love it! I could never get on board with Sims 4. Realistic graphics are too important to me, among other things. But thank you so much for your sympathy, I really appreciate it ❤

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