Time Flies – Happy 1st Birthday!!

As of a few weeks ago, this blog is officially one year old!  I can’t believe it’s been going for this long already (and I haven’t got bored with it yet, haha!)

Sooo I thought I’d do something a little extra special to celebrate.  There are a bunch of things I could do, but I thought I’d leave it up to you guys to tell me what you most want to see!

Some ideas I came up with:

Q&A with the characters – Basically a chance for you guys to ask anything you want of any of the characters from the story so far, and they will answer, in character.  No limit to questions – the more, the better!

Special spin-off chapter – This could be about one of the characters who didn’t get to be the star of their generation, or their descendants, or it could be from a scene that wasn’t included in the main story (e.g. the development of Aidan and Violet’s relationship, James and Tyler’s home life, Emily’s teenage escapades) or even an alternate universe type thing (supernatural-themed, or “what if such-and-such happened?”)  Tell me your preferences!

Photoshoot – An opportunity for my sims to let out their inner model!  Poses, pretty clothes, lighting, editing, all that cool stuff.

Or a combination of things!

Image result for porque no los dos gif

I’ve listed my ideas in the poll below, and I’ll give it a week before I start working on whichever one is most popular.  If you have any other suggestions or things you’d like to see, sims or lots you’d like me to put up for download, (which would not be a birthday special by the way, honestly the only reason I haven’t put anything up for download is because I don’t know if anyone’s interested in downloading them), etc., please comment and let me know!  I’ll add any additional suggestions to the poll so you can vote for them as well 😀


Infinite thank yous to my lovely readers for all the love and support over the past year.  I honestly couldn’t have got the motivation to write for this long without you.  Here’s to another year of happy simming!

~ Love, Fibi ❤

P.S.  The next chapter is scheduled for 9am tomorrow (Thursday).  Check the updates page if you’re not sure when that is for you.


Another Opinion Poll – And next chapter coming soon!

Hi guys!

So I’ve been working on the next chapter (which is very close to finished, by the way, sorry for the wait) and I decided to make a poll to find out what you guys think of something I’ve been wondering about for quite some time: namely, chapter length.  I’ve been feeling pressured lately to make the chapters longer and longer, in order to measure up to some of my favourite legacies that I read, but to be honest sometimes when I read other legacies or even reading my own, I end up feeling that the chapters are a bit too long.  So what do you guys think?  Obviously the longer the chapters are, the longer they’ll take to get out (on average).  But I can still do my best with whatever length.

So, your options are:

  • 1000 words (Most of the early chapters in Nicole’s gen are around this length)
  • 2000-2500 words (Most of the chapters in Bianca’s gen are around this length)
  • 3000-3500 words (Some of Diana’s longer chapters are around this length)
  • 4000-5000 words (I’ve never written a chapter this long, but if it’s what you guys would rather read I can merge what would otherwise be multiple chapters together and give it a go – again, bear in mind that this will take longer to do)

I can’t promise that I will abide by whatever chapter length you say you prefer, since ultimately I’ll probably go with what works best for me while I’m trying to keep up with this story and my final year of high school at the same time.  Still, I am very interested to know what you guys think of this.  So please take a few seconds to vote in the poll below and/or let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Thank you,

~ Fibi ❤

Poll Results: The Generation Three Heir

Any of you who’ve been keeping an eye on the poll in the last week should already know who won, but here’s the official announcement:  the Generation 3 heir is…

Diana Hunter!


(And here she is as a teen, at the point where the story will pick up for Generation Three.)

I’ve started work on Diana’s first chapter already, so I’ll be aiming to get it out at the usual time on Monday.  Thank you to everyone who voted – it really made a difference.  Here’s hoping that generation three will be the best one yet!

-Fibi ❤

Announcing… The Generation Two Heir Vote!

So we’re finally nearing the end of Gen 2, and as promised here is the first heir vote of the story.  It’s a bit earlier than I had planned, but I figured it would be nice if you guys still got to read the last couple of Gen 2 updates while we wait for the heir vote.  If you want, you can wait to vote until you get to know the kids a little more over the next couple of chapters.  Also, I have exams going on at the moment, and the next chapter is an especially long one, so this is the update for now (even though it’s 9 hours early :P) and there will be a new chapter as usual on Monday.

Now, on to the voting!

The candidates are Bianca’s three children:  Diana Hunter, Emily Hunter, and Flynn Hunter, all of whom are currently children in-game.

Below I’ve given you a sneak-peek at each of them as teenagers, so you kinda know what they’ll end up looking like, along with list of current traits and a bio for each one, which is meant to give you some insight into the story I’ve got planned for each of them.  Please bear in mind that these are not their final looks – hair, make-up, brows and clothes may (and probably will) change, so don’t let those influence your decision too much (or at all, ideally).

Below the profiles, you’ll find the poll where you can vote for which candidate you would like to become the Generation 3 heir!  I have placed restrictions on the voting, but if you could limit it to one vote per person to keep it fair, that would be great 🙂  The poll will be open for two weeks, during which time I’ll be posting the final chapters of Generation 2 according to the usual schedule, and then the story will be temporarily on pause until the next generation heir has been decided.  I’ll let you know when to expect the new chapter when that happens!

Happy voting, and may the best heir win 😛

DianaDiana Hunter

Current Traits (in-game):

– Workaholic
– Genius
– Loves the Heat




Bio:  Diana Hunter was born gifted, with a solid work ethic to match. This, coupled with her passionate societal views of the city she grew up in, have led her to the very threshold of a career in politics. But, in the real world, things rarely go to plan. One major male distraction and a few professional setbacks later, will Diana be able to fight her way to the top, or will the harsh brutality of the political world turn out to be much more than she bargained for?

EmilyEmily Hunter

Current Traits (in-game):

– Excitable
– Evil
– Artistic




Bio:  As long as she can remember, Emily has lived for herself and no one else. For her, life is about using whatever means necessary to get what she wants,  and nothing and no one is going to stand in her way. But for a criminal, even one as dangerously brilliant as Em Hunter, enemies lurk around every corner, and captivity is only ever one wrong move away.

FlynnFlynn Hunter

Current Traits (in-game):

– Couch Potato
– Brave
– Good




Bio:  As a youngest child and only son, life has always been pretty easy for Flynn. For most of his life, he’s managed to get by on charm alone, in spite of his carefree attitude towards everything from his family to his schoolwork. But now that he’s failing high school with little prospect of improvement, something drastic has to change.  Suddenly, he finds himself in a never-ending cycle of academics, discipline and intense physical training at the prestigious Fort Gnome Military School. But as Flynn soon discovers, military school isn’t all bad – in fact, it might even be the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Poll Results

The polls from a few weeks ago are now closed, so this is just a quick update to let you know the results.

Literally everyone who voted wanted to have a say in who gets to be heir, so from now on heir votes will be a thing, starting with Bianca’s future children.

People were a bit more divided on the updates issue, but the slight majority is in favour of twice-weekly updates so from now on I will be aiming to update about twice a week.  This means a new chapter should be out every 3-4 days.

The next chapter of Bianca’s gen should be out soon.  Until then, thank you all for your valuable feedback, and see you soon!  ❤



Polls – Please State Your Opinion

The next chapter is in the works, and should be up in a couple of days.  In the meantime, I was wondering whether those reading the story would be interested in having a say in things like who gets to be the next heir, or how often you’d ideally like me to update (can’t promise I’ll always stick to an updating schedule with studies and all, but I’ll do my best).

Please take a moment to have your say in either of the polls below, or if there’s anything else you’d like to add, leave a comment below.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far for encouraging me to keep going with this story 🙂  I hope you’re all enjoying it!


❤ Fibi