Special – Story Q&A

A while ago I promised to do two special posts in honour of this blog’s 1st birthday, one of which was a Q&A with myself and the characters, where I gave you guys the opportunity to ask any questions you wanted and have them answered.  And here it is at last!  So let’s get right to it.

Starting with the questions addressed to me – or in this case, my simself (by sofifi3):

Q: Would James and Tyler still have been close if their mother were loving and caring?


A: I would like to think they would still have been close as siblings, but probably not as close as they were in the story, and their relationship would have been very different.  In the story, James took on the role of a parent-figure as well as an older brother in Tyler’s life, particularly during their childhood.  If their mother had been more of a mother to them, that responsibility would have been hers, not James’.  In that case, James and Tyler would have related to each other purely as siblings – including sibling rivalry, petty fights, all that good stuff.  It’s hard to imagine them like that, honestly!  I think, because of the person he is, James would probably still have looked out for his sister and played with her sometimes, but he wouldn’t have felt responsible for her wellbeing in the same way, and may have turned out a very different person because of it.  James and Tyler grew up only having each other for company and for support, and so both spent a lot more time hanging out and looking out for each other than they might otherwise have done.

Q:  Was Emily naturally rebellious, or did she have a motivation for it?

A:  I’m going to answer this in terms of Emily the character rather than Emily the sim (in-game traits, etc.).  Emily had quite a happy upbringing, I think.  Bianca and James weren’t particularly overbearing parents, so I wouldn’t say that there was any provocation for her to rebel based on her upbringing.  She was forced into Di’s shadow a bit, Di being the smart one who got all the top grades and prizes at school.  As was touched on a bit at the beginning of generation three, Flynn was the favourite child, and it’s possible that this did more damage to Emily than it did to Di.  Think classic “middle-child syndrome”.


On the other hand, Emily was a bit of an adrenaline junkie and genuinely possessed a love for causing chaos and a certain degree of rebelliousness by nature that her siblings did not.  So my answer is, it’s a combination of both.  I think every child, to some extent, wants to feel loved and valued by their parents, so Emily’s troublemaking might have been a means of seeking attention from them; this, along with her natural character and interests, combined to form the person she eventually became.

Questions for Diana and Luc (from Lila Remonn)

Q:  What are your favourite things about each other?


Diana:  Apart from stunning good looks?  *laughs*  If I’m being serious, I’d probably  say that some of my favourite things about Luc are the things that make him different from myself.  I’ve always admired his spontaneity, the way he just goes with the moment and doesn’t hesitate.  I think he thinks I worry too much!  I like how he keeps me on track, and helps me remember what’s really important.  He’s always done that, and I like that he’s good for me in that way.  I think we complement each other pretty well.

Actually, on that note, I like how I can rely on him no matter what.  Even when I’m being crazy and irrational, he’s there to support me and keep me afloat.  I mean, we fight a lot, I think that’s normal, because we both get angry pretty easily, but he’s always there for me when it really comes down to it.  Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without him.  He’s my lifebelt.


Luc:  That depends, how much time do we have?  I wouldn’t know where to begin.  Di’s beautiful, and incredibly smart, really focused and ambitious.  I’ve never really met anyone else like her.  So, one of my favourite things about her is she’s unique.  I like that she says what she thinks and doesn’t take shit from anyone, even though it means that we clash sometimes.  I love that fire.  It’s exciting, I guess – I’m never bored with her.

And I like her determination to get what she wants in life.  I’ve always thought that was fantastic, since the first time I met her, because I didn’t know what it was like to want something so much you’d do anything to get it.  Di has the brains and the drive to go wherever and do whatever she wants, and that’s amazing to me.  She’s amazing.  I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve her.


Q:  Luc, is Di your first relationship?

Luc:  Ummm… *glances at Di*  … sure.

Diana:  He’s lying.


Luc:  Erm… alright, fine.  But Di is the only person I’ve ever fallen completely for.  She’s not the first one I’ve dated, and definitely not the first one I’ve kissed… *Diana raises her eybrows* Wait, never mind.  Ignore that last part.  Point is, Di is the only one that matters now.  There was this one girl back in Bridgeport that I was pretty serious about, but she- I- we… it didn’t really work out.  I moved here, and there were some girls in the group I hung around with for a few years in high school that were pretty, um, interested.  Some people are a lot less selective than others in the people they sleep with.  That’s all I’m saying.  Next question?


Q:  What is the sweetest, most romantic thing you’ve done for each other?

Diana:  I feel like it’s kind of hard to self-judge that sort of thing, so I’m going to go with the sweetest thing Luc has ever done for me.  There are a lot of things, it’s a bit hard to pick one, but I think the time he made me karaoke to the first song we danced to together would have to be up there.  That was pretty romantic.


Luc:  Not the time I proposed to you?

Diana:  I was pregnant and sore all over at the time, so no.  Not really.  That was not your best timing.


Luc:  Oh… Well, okay.  The “sweetest, most romantic thing” that Di has ever done for me… actually there was this one time, while we were engaged, I was out during the day doing something boring like shopping or whatever, and I wasn’t expecting Di to be at home when I got there because she usually works until around nine or ten.  But when I got home, she was there;  she’d taken time off work and asked Mandy and Ethan to babysit the kids, and her Mum and Dad had just left on a weekend trip, so we were alone in the house.  And she’d gone all out – music, candles, ambient lighting, rose petals, the whole package.  She’d even made cheesesteak, even though she doesn’t usually cook, because she knows it’s my favourite meal.  It was a special night she’d put aside for just the two of us.  And, I don’t know, I know how important Di’s work is to her, so it really meant a lot to that she’d put it aside to make everything about me for that one night.


Q:  Luc, do you listen to music?  And what type?

Luc:  For some reason a lot of people I meet seem to think I’m an indie music kind of person, but I’m not sure where they get that from.  I don’t listen to a lot of music, but when I do it’s generally some form of rock, something I can sing along and get pumped up to.  Is that too cliche?  I don’t know, but it’s what I like, so whatever.


Hope you enjoyed!  Stay tuned for the next chapter, which should be up soon if all goes well 🙂



Special – Cover of Darkness

Fair warning before we begin:  This chapter contains drug references, references to criminal activity, sexual content and some minor swearing, because that’s what Emily and the people she hangs around with are like.  I’m telling you now so if you’re uncomfortable with any of that, I would advise you not to read this.  There’s very little in here pertaining to the main story so you won’t miss out on anything as far as the Gen 3 storyline is concerned.  And on a side note, I haven’t forgotten what I promised two and a half months ago, and rest assured the character Q&A is also on the way (and still open if you want to ask me or my characters any questions!) 🙂

So, with that out of the way, enjoy!

I sat on my bed, adrenaline pumping through my veins, waiting.


Mum and Dad had gone to bed hours ago, and Flynn not too long after.  Diana, unfortunately, seemed to be taking advantage of the quiet house to finish her homework at the dining table downstairs.  I glanced anxiously at the clock by my bed – ten o’clock already.  This had better not take too much longer, I thought, silently thanking God that my sister had brains.  With all her flaws, at least she was fast with her schoolwork.

Tick, tock.  Tick, tock.  I wondered what would happen if I took the risk and just left a little early.  Maybe Diana wouldn’t see me?  Maybe she’d be too immersed in her studying to notice anything else?  I snorted, because that was definitely a possibility.  But it wasn’t a risk I was willing to take.  One wrong move, and I’d be locked up for a month.  Mum and Dad would kill me if they knew I was sneaking out at night, especially if they found out where or with whom.  And goody two-shoes down there would no doubt rat me out if she caught me.  Damn those wall-length windows!

Clip, clip, clip.  Finally – finally! – I heard the sound of my sister’s high heeled boots coming up the stairs.


I waited until I heard the click! of a closed door and the rustling sounds of her changing clothes in the next room before scooting across the bed towards the open window.  I grabbed a few of my pillows and stuffed them under the blankets in a shape that, at a glance, could easily be mistaken for a sleeping human, then slid through the window as quietly as I could and landed lightly on the balcony just outside.


From here, I could scale the balcony fence and then, using the slats on the downstairs windows as footholds, climb down a safe distance and drop into the bushes, unseen and (hopefully) unheard.  I had done it a hundred times before, and each time went off without a hitch.

The quickest way to my destination from here was through the back of our neighbour’s garden and behind their garage.  Obviously, the street-side route would look a lot less suspicious than the back of someone’s property at this time of night, except for the fact that it was overlooked by Diana’s window.  All things considered, I figured I’d rather go with the trespassing.


As soon as I was out of earshot of the house, I ran, relishing the cool night wind whipping against my face and the sense of freedom it provoked.  This life, this rush – this was what I lived for.

I arrived at the edge of a dense patch of trees at the end of the street barely out of breath a few minutes later.  Borus had been training me well.  With a furtive glance over my shoulder at the deserted street, I hurried forward into the cover of the densely-growing bushes and trunks of trees.


Hidden about twenty metres back from the edge of the undergrowth was a dilapidated old shack, by all appearances long abandoned.  Most people wouldn’t even know it was there unless they went looking for it – and still fewer knew that it was, in fact, far from abandoned.


I slid through the front door, trying to disturb the heavily rotting wood as little as possible.  The second door was much better maintained, and locked.  I knocked;  a few moments later, there was an answering knock on the other side, but the door remained firmly shut.  I sighed, and repeated the words I knew so well now I could recite them in my sleep.  “Live in secrets, die in fame.”


There was a click, and the door swung open.  By the time I had stepped through and shut it behind me, whoever had been standing on the other side had vanished.  Grinning slightly, I followed them down the rusty iron ladder in the middle of the room.  After jumping down the last few rungs, I straightened up and looked around the cluttered basement room at the people I had come to consider more my family than those I shared a house with daily.


Zoe was sitting cross-legged on the floor near the foot of the ladder with her sketchpad in her lap, but put it aside and got to her feet when she saw me, a welcoming smile on her face.  “Em!  About time!  We were starting to think you weren’t gonna be here tonight.”


I grinned.  “Like I’d miss a chance to see you!”

She pouted.  “If that’s really how you feel, I don’t know why you don’t just come live with us.”  She leaned in, beckoning me closer to mutter in my ear, “I need another woman around here!  Being surrounded by guys all day is exhausting.  All the macho is driving me crazy!”


I giggled and glanced over her shoulder at Borus, who was grunting with exertion, muscles tense and glistening with sweat, as he performed endless pull-ups on the metal bar attached to the wall behind the ladder.  “Can’t be so bad,” I teased, winking as I inclined my head in his direction.

“Don’t be so sure,” she said seriously.  “Eye-candy isn’t enough to make up for the smell!”

I laughed again.  “Well, besides, you know it’s a good idea to have at least one member of the group who’s still innocent and law-abiding.”

Zoe snorted.  “Yeah, sure.  You keep telling yourself that, chica.  God, I could do with a smoke right about now,” she added, turning and making a beeline towards the desk at the back of the room where a half-empty pack of cigarettes lay.  Beside them sat Leo, our resident computer mastermind, clicking away furiously on his laptop.


“Can I borrow one?”  Zoe asked him, holding up the packet and shaking it in front of his face.

“Actually, I’d rather you didn’t give it back when you’re done,” Leo said with a shadow of a grin.  Zoe smiled, shrugged, and slid a cigarette from the packet.

“Ah, that’s better,” she groaned as she took the first puff.  “Want a drag, Em?”


“Thanks, but I’m okay today,” I told her.  She nodded, and glanced at the far corner, where a chestnut-headed boy was slumped on the couch, eyes glued to the old television.

“Oi, Vince!”  Zoe called across the room.  “You gonna greet our new arrival, or what?”


Vince spun around, eyebrows raised.  His searching eyes came to rest on me, and a grin spread across his face that caused heat to flood throughout my entire body.  He stood up and strode across the room to pull me into his arms, his eyes boring into mine with that familiar fire burning in their depths.  God, I could get lost in those eyes for hours.  “I missed you, babe,” he murmured, before crashing his lips to mine.


Vince was, no contest, the best kisser I had ever been with.  A single touch had me melting in seconds.  A few stumbling steps, and there was a wall at my back, and his hips were pressed against mine,  pinning me to it.  I could already feel a familiar bulge growing against my thigh, and I groaned as one of his hands squeezed my ass and lifted so that I could wrap my legs around his waist.  I didn’t care that we weren’t alone, all that mattered was being closer, closer to him.  I couldn’t stop the things Vince did to my body, and I didn’t want to.


The hand that was pinning my arms to the wall above my head suddenly released them in favour of roaming down my body to cup my rear, and I took advantage of the new freedom to run my hands over his chest, his back, his shoulders, anywhere and everywhere that I could reach.  Panting, Vince lifted me off the wall and carried me across the room to lay on the desk, his mouth never leaving mine.  I pulled him closer to grind my hips against him, and he grunted, his free hand moving to the zip at the back of my top.

“Hey!  No screwing on my desk!” came Leo’s angry voice, but Vince just laughed and bent low to bite and suck at the side of my neck.  I gasped, my nails digging into his back, but another voice, deep and booming, interrupted our session before it had really begun.


“Keep your clothes on, kids!”  Borus sounded highly amused.  “We’ve got more important matters on our hands right now than your insatiable lust, Vince.  Now that everyone’s here, there are a few things I’d like to discuss with you all.”  I sighed, feeling slightly embarrassed, and tried to straighten my hair and clothes so that they didn’t look like I’d just been doing some heavy foreplay.  Vince just grinned as he pulled me to my feet and the two of us walked over to join Borus.  He was standing at the other end of the room, near the ladder, in front of our ‘goods corner’, where we stashed all the valuable loot that we hadn’t been able to sell yet.  Lately, it had been looking significantly depleted.  I couldn’t tell if that meant we were selling a lot, or that we just weren’t stealing enough.  I looked at Borus, half expectant, half apprehensive, as we approached, and he gave me an encouraging half-smile in return.


“So, as you guys may have noticed, we’ve been getting less in the way of goods recently,” he began, by way of introduction.  I felt my insides shrivel with embarrassment;  Vince and I were the sneak-thieves of the gang.  In burglary,  a youthful physique was an asset, rather than a liability.  “But,” Borus continued quickly, “it’s not Vince and Emily’s fault.”


“It’s not?” I burst out, surprised.

Borus laughed.  “No, it’s not, Em.  Actually, it’s mine.  I’ve been planning out a new heist lately which involves lulling the expensive establishments around here into a false sense of security.  Leo’s been helping me out.  By the way, how’s the hack going?” he added to Leo.


“Pretty well,” he shrugged.  “I’ve got some friends who are helping me out.”


“Great.  Zoe, what about you?  How are the druggies?”

“Desperate as always,” she replied with a smile.  “Don’t worry, Borus.  We’re raking in the cash.”


Borus snorted.  “Doesn’t look much like it, though, does it?”  He gazed around at the cramped room, the threadbare couch and dusty floors.  “You guys are great and all, but I’m getting a bit sick of this place.  I’m thinking hopefully we can upgrade if this deal goes through.”  He looked seriously at me and Vince.  “That’s on you two.”


“But no pressure or anything,” Zoe added with a wink, making us all laugh, even Borus, who nonetheless stopped pretty quickly.

“Next item on the agenda,” he said.  “Recruitment.”

We all groaned.  “Not this again!” Zoe exclaimed.

“Don’t we have enough people already?”  I pleaded.  We had had this discussion many times before.  More members meant more chances at getting arrested.  If someone found us, sought us out on their own like I had, that was one thing, but extending invites, even only to a ‘trustworthy’ few, was a risk only Borus seemed willing to take.

“Not the way we are now,” he said gravely.  “Not with one part-time member and two who never get off their asses.”


Leo scowled.  “You know as well as I do that ‘on my ass’ is where I’m most useful to this group!”

“And I can’t do much more than pickpocket without backup,” Vince added.


“Exactly,” said Borus.  “So we can either recruit more members now, or postpone it for-”

“I vote postpone,” Vince interrupted.  Borus raised one eyebrow.

“That would require five full-time members, not four and a half,” he said.  “So it’s up to Emily, not you.”


The others all turned to look at me.  It seemed as if they expected this to be a difficult decision for me, but it wasn’t.  I had been intending to do this for a long time.

“Can it wait a few months?”  I asked Borus.  He frowned.


“Why a few months?”

“Because that’s when I graduate high school,” I explained.  “After that, I can leave my parents’ house without it looking suspicious to anyone.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they were glad to be rid of me, to be honest.  And then I’ll come here, and be a real family, with you guys.”


The others all smiled at me.  “Well, we’ll be glad to take you off their hands,” Zoe told me, and I grinned at her.

“It’s okay with me if it’s okay with you, Em,” said Borus.  “Thank you.”


I shrugged.  “It really wasn’t a difficult decision,” I assured him.  “This isn’t the first time I’ve considered it, and now I have something to look forward to for sure.  But speaking of my family,” I added, suddenly fearful, “what time is it?”

“Six,” Leo informed me, glancing at his watch.

“Already? Shit!” I hugged Zoe and gave Vince a quick kiss before turning to scramble back up the ladder, wishing for the umpteenth time that we were meeting somewhere more penetrable by daylight.  “I’ll see you guys tonight!”  I called as I reached the top, and dashed out the door of the shack without waiting for a reply.


I could see the sun rising higher over the ocean on my left as I sprinted back home, heart pumping madly, hoping desperately that none of the rest of the family was awake yet, though I knew how unlikely that possibility was.  Luckily, the great room downstairs was deserted as I scrambled up the outside of the window to reach my balcony, jumped the railing and rolled through my open bedroom window into the safety of my bed, panting heavily.  Only then did I realise that I was not alone.

Diana was standing in the doorway with a pile of my clothes in her arms.  Her shock only lasted a moment before she gave a resigned sigh and dropped the clothes onto the nearest chair, but not before shooting me a look of deep disapproval.  “I thought you might want these clean clothes for school today,” she said, looking me over with pursed lips, “but I see you’re already dressed.”


I snorted, trying to disguise the sinking feeling in my stomach and the tears prickling behind my eyes as I thought of what would happen to my nightly escapades now that the rest of my family was about to find out.  “What’s it to you?”  I challenged, sounding much more brazen than I felt.  “Going to go off and tell Mummy and Daddy, I suppose?”



“Do I ever?” she responded wearily.  I opened my mouth to retort, but it suddenly occurred to me that she had never, in fact, said a word to Mum and Dad any time she caught me doing something they wouldn’t approve of.  Not since we were kids, anyway.

Diana had turned to leave, but paused at the door.  “You’d better get ready to go if you don’t want them to get suspicious, though,” she said over her shoulder.  “And, Em?  Don’t… don’t do anything stupid, okay?”


She was gone before I could reply, but the tears and the sinking in my stomach had both disappeared.  I hadn’t realised that it was physically possible for my sister to avoid lecturing anyone she saw doing the wrong thing.

I smiled to myself.  Maybe that bad-boy boyfriend of hers had been a good influence after all.


Told you it was coming!  Hope you all enjoyed 🙂  As you may have noticed I made four new characters just for this chapter, and they’re among the best sims I’ve ever made, so if anyone’s interested I’d be happy to put them up for download!  Let me know 🙂  I’m not sure when the next chapter for Gen 3 will be up, but the character Q&A should be here soon, so look forward to that!


Time Flies – Happy 1st Birthday!!

As of a few weeks ago, this blog is officially one year old!  I can’t believe it’s been going for this long already (and I haven’t got bored with it yet, haha!)

Sooo I thought I’d do something a little extra special to celebrate.  There are a bunch of things I could do, but I thought I’d leave it up to you guys to tell me what you most want to see!

Some ideas I came up with:

Q&A with the characters – Basically a chance for you guys to ask anything you want of any of the characters from the story so far, and they will answer, in character.  No limit to questions – the more, the better!

Special spin-off chapter – This could be about one of the characters who didn’t get to be the star of their generation, or their descendants, or it could be from a scene that wasn’t included in the main story (e.g. the development of Aidan and Violet’s relationship, James and Tyler’s home life, Emily’s teenage escapades) or even an alternate universe type thing (supernatural-themed, or “what if such-and-such happened?”)  Tell me your preferences!

Photoshoot – An opportunity for my sims to let out their inner model!  Poses, pretty clothes, lighting, editing, all that cool stuff.

Or a combination of things!

Image result for porque no los dos gif

I’ve listed my ideas in the poll below, and I’ll give it a week before I start working on whichever one is most popular.  If you have any other suggestions or things you’d like to see, sims or lots you’d like me to put up for download, (which would not be a birthday special by the way, honestly the only reason I haven’t put anything up for download is because I don’t know if anyone’s interested in downloading them), etc., please comment and let me know!  I’ll add any additional suggestions to the poll so you can vote for them as well 😀


Infinite thank yous to my lovely readers for all the love and support over the past year.  I honestly couldn’t have got the motivation to write for this long without you.  Here’s to another year of happy simming!

~ Love, Fibi ❤

P.S.  The next chapter is scheduled for 9am tomorrow (Thursday).  Check the updates page if you’re not sure when that is for you.

Unique Blogger Award

What with all the blogging awards popping up recently, we’ve been nominated again, this time for the ‘Unique Blogger Award’.  (I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award a while back, but decided not to accept it since I’m not sure this blog is exactly versatile.)  Thank you to Kate of The Loewe Legacy for the nomination! ❤

EDIT:  I’ve been nominated for the same award again, this time by The Windsor Legacy!  I’ve answered her questions below.


The rules for the Unique Blogger Award are as follows:

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate  8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.

Kate’s Questions

1. What do you think makes your story different from the rest, what is it that makes it unique?

Within the community of Sims stories, I try to make mine unique through inventing my own characters and storylines, using the game as a tool for both illustration and inspiration.  As this is my first sims story worth mentioning, I’m learning a lot as I go along, and drawing inspiration from practically everything I read and watch.  I would hope that the combined elements of inspiration from various sources and my own imagination and writing style would combine to make something which is unique and enjoyable to read.

2. Which group do you belong to? Writers using The Sims as a source of images for their stories or Simmers who love sharing the stories of their Sims with others?

A bit of both, honestly.  Usually I have a general idea of where I want the story to go, and most of the major plot points are ideas I’ve used the game to illustrate.  However, I always play and take screenshots before I write the chapters.  A lot of the time my sims do interesting and unexpected things, so I like to take screenshots of impromptu moments like that and use them in the story as well.

3. Who of your Sims you’ve ever created is your absolute favorite and why?

Wow, hard question!  I’m going to assume you mean sims I’ve made myself as opposed to sims born in-game.  In that case, Luc would have to be my favourite.  Apart from the fact that I like his looks, I also love his character and the way it’s developed through the story so far.  That said, I’m sure in a few generations my answer will have changed!

The Windsor Legacy’s Questions:

1. What are your tips for overcoming writers’ block?

Writer’s block is a figment of your imagination.  That’s my first tip.  I read this somewhere once and I’ve since taken it on board as well:  forget about writer’s block.  Write anyway.  It doesn’t matter if it’s crap, just write.  For me, I find that either the creative juices start flowing again without me even trying, or when I go back and read whatever crap I wrote I find that it isn’t half as bad as I expected.  I’d never have gotten my most recent chapter out if I hadn’t forced myself to write it!

2. Are there any plot ideas/characters/etc that didn’t make it into your stories?

Wow, yeah.  Like so many.  Most of the noteworthy ones are ideas I had for the gen 3 kids who didn’t get chosen as heir.  I won’t spoil them in case I decide to use them later, but I decided I wanted to plan out each potential heir’s story a little but just to get myself excited about writing them, regardless of who was chosen.  But obviously, that would have resulted in a lot of unused characters and plot either way.  So yeah, if you’re interested I could write more about those, like I’m currently in the process of doing for Emily.  Otherwise, since I tend to write according to a loose plot and let things play out as they do in game, there are a lot of things that happen in game and I spin stories around in my head that don’t make it into the final chapters.  Sometimes I mention them later in the generational outtakes, though.

3. Do you prefer taking the photos or writing or…?

That’s actually kind of a hard one.  On the one hand, the only reason I’m doing this in the first place is because I love Sims and I love playing it.  I started writing legacy stories because as I play the game, I make up plots and characters in my head anyway to keep myself interested, and I was feeling the urge to write them down.  Sometimes, when I play, I can hear specific lines of dialogue in my head, kind of similar to when I draw a picture that’s part of a story.  So on the other hand, the story writing is what keeps me going, keeps me interested in playing the game.  With all that in mind, I’d have to say that I prefer not the photos or the writing, but the process of developing the story – that is, playing the game, and brainstorming story ideas as I do it.

My Nominations

I’m pretty picky about the blogs I follow and particularly the ones I nominate for awards, so my nominee list will be shorter than 8 blogs.  I therefore nominate the following:

And the questions for my nominees to answer:

  1. What is your favourite part of playing/writing stories for your sims?
  2. Which of your sims are you personally most like?
  3.  What is one thing you love about your own story and one thing you wish you did better?

And that’s that!  Thank you for all the love ❤  And congratulations to all the people I’ve nominated above for your amazing storytelling.


Sunshine Blogger Award

Yay!  We’ve been nominated for another blogger’s award.  This time, it’s the Sunshine Blogger Award, one of the many in circulation for bloggers to reward other bloggers for their hard work, and of course to recognise quality blogs and share them with the rest of the world.  Thank you very much to The Windsor Legacy for the nomination! ❤


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers and add their links.
  4. Notify the bloggers you included.
  5. Keep the rules in your post.

And here are the questions that came with the nomination:

1. Would you rather fight a hundred goose-sized elephants or a goose the size of an elephant?

Hmmm… I’m going to have to go with the huge goose.  Geese are pretty brutal, but 100 aggressive elephants, even small ones, is a bit too much to take on alone I think.

2. Shuffle your songs on your phone/computer/whatever — what’s the first song that pops up?

I’m going with ipod… and the song is Colours by FLOW, which is an opening song to an excellent anime known as Code Geass.  In Japanese, obviously.  The ratio of popular music to anime songs on my ipod is actually shockingly low.

3. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you want to be?

The U.S., I reckon.  I’ve never been there cause it’s hella expensive but I’ve always wanted to see what all the fuss is about.

4. Savory or sweet?

Sweet, for sure.  I have a mega-sweet tooth.

5. What made you create your blog?

I’d read and admired a few sims story blogs before I decided to create my own… tried, gave up a few times… and then when I returned to playing sims a year or two ago, I started making up stories in my head as I was playing to keep me interested.  At that point I figured I might as well share them with the world and see if anyone else enjoyed my creative musings, so decided to have another crack at the legacy story.  So far, it’s going pretty well.

6. What do you do when you want to relax?

I lie on my bed with my laptop and do whatever I feel like… games, movies, Facebook browsing, etc.

7. What never fails to make you laugh?

I have a friend, who shall remain unnamed because I’m not taking any chances on them ever reading this, who has the stupidest but also greatest sense of humour.  Even when I’m in a bad mood they manage to make me smile without even realising it.

8. Do you prefer living in a city or in a rural area? Or somewhere in-between?

I’m a suburban girl.  I love the convenience of living in the city, but the smell and the crowds is all a bit much for me.  So, somewhere in between is perfect.

9. If you could live in any fictional universe, which would you choose and why?

A lot of them are pretty cool but also kinda dangerous/scary… so I’m going to be super unoriginal and say Harry Potter.  I mean, you can’t deny that it would be pretty cool to learn magic, right?

10. If you could domesticate any animal and have it (safely) be your pet, which would you choose?

Geez, there are a lot of animals to choose from.  I think I’d like something awesome but also adorable and not too hard to take care of, like… a tiger.  Yeah, let’s go with that.

11. What is your favorite word?

Hope.  It carries so much weight behind it, and has gotten me through some pretty tough times.

And now for my nominations.  There are far less than 11, unfortunately, since I’m essentially just going with the ones on my highly recommended list (more details on the “Outward Links” page on the menu bar above) along with a few others I’m following.

Future of the Fae

Whispers in the Wind

The Loewe Legacy

Alissa/Alissa Continues

The Silverglass Legacy

The Dover Legacy

Winters Valley

Some of these are on hiatus at the moment, but all in my opinion are deserving of recognition.  So, my questions for my nominees are:

  1. What is your origin story as a sims player?
  2. What is your biggest fear?
  3. Would you give your life to save a complete stranger?  Why/why not?
  4.  What is the worst thing you would do for a million dollars?
  5. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
  6. What is something that’s constantly on your mind?
  7. If you could be anyone in the world for a day, who would you be?
  8. What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?
  9. Do you believe in destiny and/or true love?
  10. If you had to give up one of your five senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing or taste) which would it be and why?
  11. What is your biggest difficulty when talking to other people?

So there you go!  Have fun, and I’ll see you all soon with more adventures of our genius heroine.

~ Fibi

Spirit Animal Award


And here it is:  my very first award nomination!  I can’t tell you how honoured I am to have received this from a fellow simmer whose work I am a huge fan of.  Thank you to Lila Remonn for the nomination, author of the wonderful Kingston Legacy.  If you haven’t already, I really recommend you give it a read – the third and most recent generation in particular is one of the best sims stories I have ever had the pleasure of stumbling across (with gorgeous sims and custom-made poses to match).

Spirit Animal Blog Award Acceptance Rules:

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their page.

2) Post the award picture on your blog.

3) Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.

4) If you could be any animal, what would it be, and why?

5) Pick and notify ten nominees.

About Me and My Blog:

I am eighteen years old and hail from Sydney, Australia.  I’m almost done with high school (thank God) and am studying hard for the Australian equivalent of final exams, SATs, whatever you want to call them.  Actually, who am I kidding, I’m not studying very hard at all.  In my spare time, of which I have way too much, I particularly enjoy drawing, writing, and playing computer games (Sims 3 included, of course).

I fell in love with the Sims when a friend lent me a copy of the original The Sims game when I was around 8 or 9.  Since then I have diligently played my way through Sims 2 and 3, buying all the expansion packs I felt were worthwhile.  My collection is extensive, but by no means complete.  I was originally inspired to write a legacy challenge story after reading The Shenston Legacy by StarSarah, but after several failed attempts over the years I gave it up for a while.  I continued to read and enjoy other people’s sims stories, and it was not until I got back into the game early last year that I decided to try a legacy challenge again.  Even this, I decided, I would not turn into a story.  But by around the second generation, I was both bored of the game and at the same time overwhelmed by a desire to share the stories I enjoyed making up about the family in my head as I played along.  I decided to start again, and this time, I would carry it through.  Thus, the Hunter Legacy was born.

To me, this blog is several things.  A creative outlet, where I can enjoy the process of writing and feel satisfied in myself when I write something I can be particularly proud of.  A way to keep me interested in the game – as much as I adore the Sims franchise, it can get repetitive after a while, and creating characters and plotlines to go with it makes the whole thing a lot more interesting.  A way to practice my narrative writing skills, which I tell myself will be useful for compulsory creative writing in English class.  And finally, a means to connect with friends and like-minded simmers around the globe, and share our creations together.  Honestly, I would be nowhere near as motivated for this as I am if it weren’t for you readers.  So thank you ❤

(Ok, so that was definitely not a short paragraph.  Sorry.)

If I could be any animal…

… (That isn’t a human, obviously)… I would probably be a cat.  Partly because they are cute and furry and I love them.  Also because they can basically do whatever the hell they want, and if they’re lucky, be loved and looked after at the same time.  Practically speaking, cats are around the top of the suburban food chain, so there wouldn’t be much danger of getting attacked.  Also they have mad jumping and climbing skills, which I imagine would be almost as good as flying.  Preferably a cool kind of cat, though… like an ocelot.

I’ll probably think of an even better answer when I’m lying awake in bed tonight, but for now that’s what I’m thinking.

ocelot 5

And finally, the nominees:

I don’t even have ten blogs that I’m following, so I’m going to have to be very choosy and just pick a select few that I think deserve an award.

Future of the Fae by Ryan

Alissa/Alissa Continues by Daisie

Whispers in the Wind by MischiefTheKitten

Thank you again for the award, it really made my day 🙂  I wish everyone reading this a great day, and I’ll see you all for the next chapter!

By the way, the family tree has recently been updated with new portraits and Nicole’s first great-grandchild.  Go and check it out if you’re interested!


~ Fibi ❤

Generation Two Family Overview

And here’s the Generation Two family overview.  I decided to include Tyler in this since, although she isn’t related to Bianca by blood and wasn’t in the family by the end of the generation, she was part of the household for a long time and was a major character in Bianca’s gen.


Bianca Hunter

Dog Person
Easily Impressed
Hopeless Romantic
Loves the Outdoors

LTW:  Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium (Have at least 13 different species of perfect fish in fishbowls)



James Hunter (né Vistden)


Natural Cook
Cat Person

LTW:  Celebrated Five-Star Chef (Reach level 10 of the Culinary career track)

Screenshot-159Tyler Striker (née Vistden)

Cat Person
Good Sense of Humour

LTW:  Super Popular (Be Friends with 20 Sims)


Screenshot-31_miniDiana Hunter

Loves the Heat

LTW:  ???



Screenshot-35_miniEmily Hunter


LTW:  ???



Screenshot-32_miniFlynn Hunter

Couch Potato

LTW:  ???








Generation Two Outtakes

Here we are at the end of another generation, and I’ve decided to continue the tradition I started last time of publishing some of the extra pictures and scenes that didn’t end up in the final chapters.  Enjoy!

The first scene I cut was in Chapter 2.2, where Bianca first meets James and Tyler.  Originally James was a lot friendlier, and looked a lot happier in most of the pictures.  I decided I couldn’t really have that while I was trying to establish his overprotective attitude towards strangers with his sister, so he and Bianca didn’t end up interacting as much as I had initially intended at their first meeting.






Likewise, the two of them had a lot more fun in the in-game scene at the beginning of Chapter 2.3.  In the chapter, as you might remember, the whole thing was quite awkward and serious.  Here, they had a good giggle together, and end with a water fight in the rain.






The only problem with having a water fight in the rain is that in the pictures, it looks like Bianca just slapped James really hard across the face.

And here we see Bianca, moments later, emulating Jesus Christ.


(Chapter 2.4)

For story purposes, James often played with Tyler at the beach while Bianca was fishing.  In-game, he actually spent a good deal of time standing at the bottom of the sand-hill, staring at her feet.




(Chapter 2.4)

This chapter opened with Bridie growing up and moving out.  This was Bianca’s in-game reaction to the goodbye scene between her mother and sister… lol.  As you can probably guess, I left it out because it was pretty out of character for her.


One of the things that really bugs me about Late Night is the celebrity system, and how easy it is to become a celebrity even when you didn’t want to be one – to the point where I now use cheats (gasp!) to reset celebrity star levels of most of my sims.  For most of her life, Bianca was followed everywhere by paparazzi, who usually stood around snapping pictures of her while she was fishing.



To offset that annoyance, here are some cute early pictures of James and Tyler 🙂



(Chapter 2.5)

When I first tried getting Bianca to rub the genie lamp, she bugged out and wouldn’t ever actually complete the action, no matter how many times I reset her.  In the end, Nicole had to be the one to actually rub the lamp.  After that, Bianca was able to summon the genie just fine.  I did take a picture of it, thinking to maybe include it in the story, but, well… there were particular aspects of the picture which I felt ruined the immersion a bit.  Kudos to whoever can spot the problem (it’s pretty obvious to be honest).


Another scene I cut from this one involved a MALE GENIE.  The game crashed after the first time I activated the lamp, and came out with a different genie the second time around.  So, naturally, Genie #1 didn’t make it into the story.






“Well, dang, wouldya look at that. Sparkles. Huh.”


Also, a side note for EA games, where clearly no one has ever been fishing (or gardening, for that matter) in their lives – I’m pretty sure Star”fish” and Jelly”fish” can’t be caught with a fishing rod just because they have the word “fish” in their names…



And here’s Ian, having the time of his life jumping in a puddle :3  “Childish” was not one of his traits, by the way – he just really liked puddles.


(Chapter 2.6)

Since Bianca wasn’t there for Ian’s death, it seemed unrealistic to use all the pictures I took of his death scene.  So here they are in all their glory now.  R.I.P. Ian 😦












(Chapter 2.7)

In order to get the scene where James and Tyler’s mother gets arrested, I had to call the police to the house.  Several times.  Since there wasn’t actually an in-game emergency, the police had a go at poor Bianca every time.


Later, in set-up for the beach scene, I got Bianca and James together at the beach, but then she spent several hours fishing, while James just stood there and watched.







And then THIS CHICK APPEARED.  In the middle of their romantic evening on the beach.  Have I mentioned how much I hate the paparazzi?  Yeah, I really hate the paparazzi.







“The hell just happened.” “No clue.”

And then, thanks to clipping, I couldn’t use some of the best photos because Bianca’s hands were buried in the sand, and I’m a perfectionist and didn’t want my heroine’s hands chopped off just yet.





(Chapter 2.8)

When Bianca and James were dancing at the family barbecue, Tyler and Cody came out and started slow dancing next to them.  Too cute :3  Because of that, I toyed with the idea of getting the two of them together of a while, but in the end I decided that having two sets of siblings married to each other was a bit too neat.  Doesn’t often happen like that in real life.





James ending up freezing after they went swimming, which I tried to rectify by putting him in the hot tub.  No luck – he just kept freezing his ass off in the hot tub.


These were a few pictures I took of a pillow fight scene that was originally supposed to go between the dancing scene and the sleepover/deep discussion scene.  The story wasn’t flowing right, though, so I took it out.






(Chapter 2.9)

Did I include this picture in the chapter?  Because if I didn’t, I should have.  This is the cutest damn picture ever of the two of them.


Oh yeah, and then just after that, Tyler passed out at the subway station.  Good job, Tyler.


(Chapter 2.11)

DAMMIT, FREAKING PAPARAZZI!  Even in Egypt, where my sims are supposed to be having a ROMANTIC DINNER ALONE, I cannot escape them 😦



Again with the fishing crap.  I’m pretty confident that frogs and crocodiles are also not the sort of thing you can catch with a fishing rod.  And that crocodile is tiny.  It’s smaller than the FROG, for goodness’ sake.  Unless it’s a newborn baby crocodile or something, in which case… that’s just cruel, Bianca.



(Chapter 2.12)

Did I mention that Bianca went fishing literally right after James proposed to her?  I realise that it’s your passion and all, and that’s a really good fishing spot too, but… damn girl.  There are more important things happening right now.


…Like your bachelorette party!  Some of you who have played the bachelorette party in your own games may have realised that I changed Bianca’s look for the party.  By default, the bride gets dressed in a little veil and white cocktail dress, with all her hair mercilessly chopped off for some reason.  This is a distant shot of Bianca pre-makeover.


Also, the weirdly dressed guy in the black cap is actually James (lol)!  He wasn’t supposed to be at the party, but I decided to just let him be since he looked so different and hope you guys wouldn’t recognise him…


(Chapter 2.13)

Here, we have a sneak-peek of Tyler and Herb together as teenagers.  He invited her out on a date while she was still with Aron, but he looked pretty cute so I let her go.  That was what first gave me the idea to set the two of them up.  (I did change Herb’s appearance a bit, though – this is unfortunately not what he looked like as a vanilla sim.)


(Chapter 2.14)

It may or may not interest you to know that I had originally planned for Bianca to announce her second pregnancy to James at a later date, and she ended up telling Tyler first.  However, I eventually realised that a scene like that wouldn’t work with the pictures I had, in which James was standing about two feet away from them the whole time.  Not exactly realistic… so I cut it out.



I have no idea what she’s eating here, but apparently it’s disgusting.  Which is a bit sad, because it’s probably James’ cooking, and he’s meant to be halfway up the culinary career.


(Chapter 2.15)

At some point, pregnant Bridie came to watch one of Nicole’s shows.  And got very excited.


(Chapter 2.16)

And then Diana had her birthday, and for a few precious seconds was by far the sexiest kid I’ve ever had in a sims game.  Ever.


And by the way, Flynn was conceived in the shower.  Bet you really wanted to know that, huh? 😉


Di looking beautiful in the bath, because rendering.


(Chapter 2.17)

As a child, Emily rolled a wish to see a ghost, so I sent her to the family graveyard to see if she could find the ghost of one or both her grandparents.  She didn’t find any ghosts, but she did spend half an hour mourning over Nicole’s grave (R.I.P. 😦 ) and then another half hour concocting some sort of evil plan right next to it.



(Chapter 2.18)

In the last chapter, the family was out when James’ mum died.  That wasn’t the case in-game.  Diana was actually there for the whole thing, poor child.  This was her reaction:


And this was Emily’s:


Sigh.  Typical evil sims.

To finish off on a positive note, here’s a picture of Flynn passed out on the floor and looking very cute… in spite of the fact that this photo is really nothing but evidence of my terrible sim parenting skills.



So there you go, those were our Generation Two outtakes.  Next up is the Gen 2 family overview, where you can see all the traits and Lifetime Wishes of the different family members, and then I’ll be announcing the results of the heir vote, so stay tuned and see you soon 🙂

R.I.P. Nicole – A Tribute to the Legacy Founder

So now that chapter 2.16 is out, Nicole Hunter has officially passed away 😦  I was unsure whether to do this when it happened in my game or later after I had posted the chapter, but in the end I decided not to spoil it for you guys.

Nicole was a great sim, although a bit annoying at some points (but then, what sim isn’t?).  Getting her through the singer career was tough, especially with the four children, and I hadn’t expected her to be able to fulfil her lifetime wish.  She went from career level 5 to level 10 all during her elder years.  I had expected her to go long before she did, but in the end she managed to fulfil her dreams just before she died.  So, all in all, a happy ending 🙂

I don’t know about any of you other simmers out there, but I tend to get quite attached to my sims, especially when I’m writing stories about them.  Sooo, I decided to add a bit of a special chapter of pictures here as we near the end of generation two to commemorate Nicole’s wonderful virtual life.  Enjoy ❤

Starting from the beginning…














































Welcome to the world, Aidan Hunter 🙂

















The Wedding












And welcome the twins, Bridie and future heir Bianca ❤












And finally Cody 🙂


















(Yes, that is vampire Matthew Hamming.  Story Progression at its finest.)








Their adult years really did seem to go by quite fast…












[Ian dies :(]



















That day when her lifelong best friend literally died right in front of Nicole while she was giving a concert… :/



Bianca’s Wedding







Bonding with grandkids…








You might remember this part from chapter 1.3:

I have to admit I was a little curious, not to mention excited, to see whoever was going to step out of that car.  Whoever it was had to be an A-list celebrity for sure.  Maybe one day when I had achieved my dream, I would be the one being driven around in a car like that.

In the end, she did in fact get her own limo 😀



Nicole’s last concert, in one of the huge showtime venues












And finally…















R.I.P. Nicole 😦 You will be missed ❤