Chapter 1.10 – A New Beginning

Really sorry for the long wait for this chapter.  I’ve been really busy with assessments and the chapter itself was just proving difficult to write.  Now that I have more free time the next chapter should be out much sooner!

Warning;  This chapter contains adult themes and sim nudity.


Since neither Ian nor I had many close friends in Bridgeport, the wedding was a very small affair with only Aidan and Julie there to see us get married.  We had hired out a small park by the water for the occasion, and paid extra to make sure that we weren’t bothered by paparazzi during the ceremony.  Since my relationship with Ren, both Aidan and I had received a lot of unwanted attention from the press.


We said our vows, and then it was time for the exchange of rings.  As I held out my hand for my new husband to slip the ring onto my finger, I felt as if I was going to burst with happiness.  I finally had the perfect man I had always dreamed of.


For a moment I just stared into his eyes as Julie and Aidan cheered enthusiastically from their seats, thinking how lucky I was that he would choose someone like me to spend the rest of his life with.


Then his lips were on mine, and I was complete.


We had commissioned our wedding cake from a bakery in the inner city which, although extremely expensive, was reputed to make the best cakes in the country.  Ian insisted that I be the one to make the first cut while he watched on, looking as blissfully happy as I felt.


After the cake was served the two of us sat down at a table together to enjoy our wedding cake, revelling in every small thing we were now doing as husband and wife.


Julie cut slices of cake for herself and Aidan and then sat down to join us while Aidan played on his own.  He too was ecstatic that Ian was going to be his new dad, especially since he had never known his biological father.  In his little heart, Ian had always been his real dad.


Throughout the evening, I couldn’t help admiring my wedding ring whenever I thought of it.  I was so happy to be spending the rest of my time with the love of my life from now on.


We had arranged that Aidan would stay overnight with Julie, so that Ian and I could spend our wedding night alone together in our new house.  When the time came for them to leave, I kissed Aidan goodbye and Julie pulled me into a tight hug.

“I’m so pleased for both of you,” she whispered in my ear.  “Ian’s a great guy, I know you’ll be happy together.  And you know I’m always around if you need me.”


“Oh Julie, I’m so happy,” I murmured.  “Thanks for everything you’re doing for us.  It means a lot.”


“We’ll be going now.  I can tell you two are both dying to get to the wedding night,” she said with a grin as we stepped apart.  I blushed, but I couldn’t stop smiling all the same.

“Okay, Julie.  I’ll see you later.  You and Aidan have fun!”

Julie drove off with Aidan while Ian and I got into the taxi waiting to take us home.  We had already purchased our new house and had it ready to move into straight after the wedding.  Ian and I had both agreed that my old apartment was simply too small for all three of us, especially since we planned to have children of our own in the future.

When we arrived at our new home, Ian thanked and paid the taxi driver and we walked hand in hand to our front gate as the taxi drove away.  The moment we had stepped into the garden, I felt myself being hoisted up into his arms.


“W-What are you doing?!” I gasped, clinging to his neck for support.

He laughed.  “Following tradition.  Don’t struggle too much, or I might drop you.”  I allowed him to carry me up the steps to the front door.  “Welcome home, beautiful,” he whispered as we stepped over the threshhold.

Ian carried me all the way upstairs to the master bedroom and laid me down on the bed.

“Wait,” I told him, struggling to my feet.  “I have a surprise for you, I’ll be right back.”

I hurried outside to the bathroom and shut the door, not wanting to risk ruining the surprise.  I struggled to remove my wedding dress on my own and pull what felt like hundreds of pins out of my hair before pulling out the red lingerie set and matching lace nightgown I had concealed in my suitcase.

Five minutes later I stepped back into the bedroom wearing my new underwear, with my hair down and combed out.


I heard Ian’s audible gasp and his eyes never left me as I walked to the other side of the bed and lay down with him.


“You look gorgeous,” he whispered, placing his hand gently on my hip.  I smiled, and kissed him.  Our kisses quickly became more heated and passionate as I lay down, pulling him over me, our lips never parting for a second.  Clothes were shed and carelessly thrown to the floor, as I made love to my husband for the first time.


Afterwards, we lay on the bed cuddled together, feeling blissfully happy.  The rest of the night was spent talking, cuddling, kissing and making love, until finally we fell asleep wrapped in each others’ arms.  So ended the first night of the most wonderful, romantic honeymoon I could ever have imagined.


At the end of the week, Aidan moved back in with us.  He loved the new house, and was ecstatic to finally have his own bedroom, even if it meant that he had to get up an hour earlier every morning because we were now a lot further from the school.


While Aidan was at school, I often took the opportunity to relax by myself or with Ian.  I especially enjoyed taking full advantage of my first bathing opportunity in years.


At other times I would play on the gaming console we bought for Aidan.  He was completely obsessed with it, to the point that the only opportunity Ian or I had to play video games was when Aidan was out of the house.


One morning, a few months after our wedding, I was relaxing on the couch trying to distract myself from the sick feeling in my stomach when I suddenly felt a wave of nausea and clapped a hand to my mouth to suppress the bile rising up in my throat.


Quickly I rushed into the bathroom, and made it to the toilet just in time to throw up what felt like my last several days’ worth of semi-digested food.


I heard Ian’s footsteps running across the kitchen on the other side of the door.


“Nicole?  Honey, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” I replied as I emerged from the bathroom.  “Really, it’s nothing.”


I couldn’t help smiling at the concerned frown on his face.  I stepped closer to wrap my arms around his neck.

“I’m serious, Ian.  It’s nothing to worry about.  I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on.”

And to think I had thought that things couldn’t possibly get any better.

Some Pictures of the new house:



Dining Room


Living Room







Aidan’s Bedroom



Master Bedroom



Apologies for the bad house pictures.  Clearly, I would make a terrible real estate photographer.

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