Chapter 1.2 – City Life

As I entered the park, I immediately noticed a young man in a suit sitting on a nearby bench.  No one else was around, other than one or two sims playing music for tips.  He must be the director, I thought to myself.


Trying to look confident, I held my head high and walked over to the man, who put his book away and stood up when he saw me coming.  Common courtesy – a good sign.


“Hello,” he greeted me with a firm handshake.  “Another aspiring performer, are we?”


“Yeah, um…”  Suddenly I found myself very nervous as I considered how much was at stake here.  This was my big chance!  I did not want to mess this up.  “My name is Nicole Hunter.”


“And why are you here, Nicole?” he asked, eyebrows raised.


“I want to be a singer.”  Duh, I added in my head.


“Ah,” he said, “but have you got the talent?  Can you sing?”


Of all the stupid questions… “Of course I can sing!” I burst out.  As if I would be here if I couldn’t!  Who did this guy think he was?


“Then show me,” he smiled, obviously unfazed by my reaction.  He waved his hand carelessly towards an empty patch of grass a few feet away where a microphone was lying, plugged into an amp.


I’ll show him, alright… I walked over, turned to face him, and stretched out my fingers.


Then I picked up the microphone and sang with all I had, trying to imagine that I was performing on a concert stage in front of thousands instead of in an obscure park on the edge of the city for a conceited pig of a director.

Screenshot-138 Screenshot-139 Screenshot-140 Screenshot-141 Screenshot-143 Screenshot-145

When I finished my song, I turned off the microphone and approached the man slightly uncertainly.  Now that it had come down to this…“So, how was it?” I asked.


“Good enough,” he responded, and I felt my whole body relax.  “You start work tomorrow delivering sing-a-grams.  Expect calls from me throughout the day, I’ll be hooking you up with jobs around town.”


That was sudden.  I forgot all my resentment towards him in the rush of excitement that came with my first real singing job.  “Really?  Thank you!  I promise I’ll work hard!” I cried.


I couldn’t help but do a small jump of joy, undignified as it was.  For now, I was unfazed by the less-than-glamourous circumstances of my new job.  I was finally going to be a professional singer!


Just at that moment, I felt something drip onto my shoulder.  Within a few seconds, it had started to pour with rain!


Realising I wouldn’t be able to make it home in time to escape getting completely soaked, I started running as fast as I could towards the nearest dive bar, hoping that I could get a meal and shelter there until the storm had passed.


I managed to make it to the bar with little time to spare, as the rain had just started to get even worse.  One more minute out in that and I would have been soaked!


Once there, I headed straight for the bar and ordered a cocktail to celebrate becoming a professional singer at last.


While I was drinking, however, my stomach began to growl, reminding me that I hadn’t had anything to eat since I had arrived in town that morning.

“Excuse me!” I called to the mixologist attending the bar.


“Yes ma’am?”

“Could I get some food here please?”


While waiting for my food to be prepared, I took the time to glance around at the other sims hanging around the bar.  An interesting mix of vampires, celebrities, fans and everyday sims seemed to be the norm in places like this around Bridgeport.  Guess I would be getting used to it pretty quickly.


When the food arrived, I turned my attention away from my fellow pub-goers in order to shovel spoonfuls of Stu Surprise into my mouth.  I realised that I had been running on adrenaline the whole day and I was now simply starving.


By the time I had finished eating, the rain outside had stopped.


Remembering that I had to be available to start my singing job in the morning, which meant getting some decent sleep tonight, I ran home quickly to my apartment before the rain started again.


This time, I managed not to get caught in the stupid elevator doors.


And went to bed straight away, exhausted from my long day.

Screenshot-174 Screenshot-175

The next morning, I was rudely woken by a phone call from my new boss, bearing details of my first job.


Although the outfit was not particularly to my taste, I knew I could not afford to be too picky in this either.  I would much rather be singing wearing this than unemployed on the streets of Bridgeport in my usual clothes.


I spent several minutes before I left in front of my mirror, looking myself over and making sure everything was in the right place so I wouldn’t embarrass myself on my first day. Now that I was here, I knew everything had to be perfect.

Screenshot-183 Screenshot-184 Screenshot-185

Following my boss’ directions, I found my first client standing outside the business complex in the middle of the city.


Ignoring the strange looks I was attracting from passers-by, I set down the portable music box I had been given for performances on the ground, while the girl watched on looking confused.


The routine was no more to my taste than the outfit had been, but, hey, it was better than nothing.  I had certainly rehearsed it well and the client seemed pleased.

Screenshot-191 Screenshot-192 Screenshot-193

Afterwards, I packed up the music box again and was on my way to the next client.  Deciding to consider the situation with positivity, I reminded myself that this had taken me one sing-a-gram further along the road to stardom I craved.



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3 thoughts on “Chapter 1.2 – City Life

    • Haha yeah, they are a bit ridiculous 😛 Honestly, part of what motivated me to move Nicole up her career was the awful outfits she had to wear at the lower levels!


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