Generation One Outtakes

Given the positive feedback I’ve been getting recently, I thought some of you might be interested in seeing some of the funny pictures or events that happened to my characters that I didn’t include in the story, usually for narrative reasons.

Here we have some images from Nicole’s story that I have saved but were never seen in the story, along with chapter guides to let you know roughly when they happened.  I welcome your feedback, so please leave a comment to let me know whether you enjoyed this extra and whether or not I should include one for the next generation.  Enjoy!


(Chapter 1.2)

So after Nicole had successfully auditioned for the singer career, this random guy in the park came up to her and started yelling at her for no discernable reason, while this little kid on the bench was just watching them the whole time.  I’m pleased to say that our spirited founder managed to hold her own against him.






At one point, Nicole was also contracted to perform a sing-a-gram for Julie (I don’t remember what the occasion was).  I left it out of the story partly because it didn’t fit very well, and also because she ended up twisting her ankle at the end, so this was the first sing-a-gram she messed up.





(Chapter 1.3)

This was the face Nicole actually had on when she was walking away from Ren after their first meeting.  Nicole the character was infatuated, but it looks like Nicole the sim might have had some idea of what she was getting herself into…


(Chapter 1.4)

Originally, Julie was going to meet Nicole at the park after her workout and ask her to come over the next day, but I decided it wasn’t realistic (who would call someone and ask them to meet up, just so they could ask them to come over, instead of just inviting them over when they called?) so I ended up cutting it.  Below are some pictures from that scene.




(Chapter 1.5)

This was a strange interaction.  Maybe they’d had a bit too much to drink 😉



(Chapter 1.8)

At the beginning of Nicole and Ian’s meeting in the park, Ren turned up!  He just kept walking past them and doing strange things, so Ian understandably went and told him off for it.




(Chapter 1.10)

I tried to avoid shots of Aidan in the bath as a child, because the game gave him a really strange hairstyle which I couldn’t seem to get rid of, in which his hair was suddenly a mullet and twice as long as usual.


(Chapter 1.12)

Ian as an adult was obsessed with his wrinkles.  I always have my sims on high free will, so whenever I wasn’t watching him he would head straight to the mirror and start examining the wrinkles on his face, then get really depressed about it.



(Chapter 1.13)

At one point, a naked old man showed up to watch one of Nicole’s performances!  I didn’t think it was fair to include it without a warning, and at any rate I couldn’t think of a coherent explanation for the incident, so I left it out.  Here it is now for you to enjoy in all its glory.


(Chapter 1.14)

Sing-a-gram photography gone wrong.  Nicole looks like she’s doing a monkey impression, and the client just looks like he’s trying to pretend he doesn’t know her.


(Chapter 1.15)

Violet actually looked really grumpy when she first met Ian… I cut this from the story because it was inconsistent with her character.


The faces sims make sometimes… if we’re going by this photo, Bianca was the prettier twin by a long shot.


Aidan’s painting face:


At one point my game glitched, and an old man got stuck in my yard.  The game tried to reset him but all it succeeded in doing was making him forget the house and its foundations were there.  Add him deciding to leave, and we have the gem below:


(Chapter 1.16)

Bianca was the first to stumble upon Cody after he’d aged up.  At first, she looked extremely unimpressed with the way he turned out, but I guess she changed her mind.



Speaking of naked old men, Ian recently took to borrowing Aidan’s easel at night to do some painting in the nude.  The issue of his kids being around didn’t seem to bother him at all.



And that’s it for Gen 1 extras!  Stay tuned for Generation two, which should be up shortly if all goes well.


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    • Thanks! I’m thinking I’ll do this for every generation, since there are so many pictures that I’d love to share but don’t really fit with the story.


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