Outward Links

This is a list of other Sims 3 stories and legacies that I personally have enjoyed, so anyone who happens to enjoy my story here can check out those by some amazing fellow simmers!


|“Whispers in the Wind”, a Rainbow Legacy by MischiefTheKitten.  Lots of fun to read, interesting plots and well-developed characters.  If you like Whispers, Mischief also has several other Sims 3 and 4 stories, available on her blog.

|“The Seraphine Legacy”, a completed legacy story by StarSarah

|“The Starr Legacy”, a halfway abandoned but still enjoyable legacy story, also by StarSarah

|“Alissa” (and its sequel, “Alissa Continues”), an ongoing and highly addictive story by Daisie.  Not a legacy, follows a single sim and her family, chronicling the stories of their lives.  If you like Alissa, Daisie has also written some other fantastic stories to which links can be found on her blog.

|“Future of the Fae”, a rainbow legacy story by Ryan, aka paige795.  Set in a world where fairies and vampires are forced to live together in close quarters under the watchful eye of the human government.  The graphics for the first few generations aren’t that great, but that’s more than compensated for by the amazingly creative and engaging storytelling consistent throughout all 5 (so far) generations.

|“The Kingston Legacy”, by Lila Remonn.  My current absolute favourite legacy challenge.  The updates are slow-going, but this is more than made up for by the gorgeous sims and environments, hand-made poses, stunningly crafted screenshots and engaging story, all of which improve drastically with each generation.