Updating Schedule

Now that I’ve established a pretty regular updating routine, I thought I should post it up so that readers who are interested can refer to it for an estimate as to when the next chapter will be out.


Please bear in mind that, although most updates will be scheduled for this time, sometimes real life gets in the way and updates will be late.  So, the below is only the ideal update schedule which I’ll try to stick to, not a guarantee of when new updates will happen.  Also, should anything happen which prevents me from writing, or from enjoying it, the blog may be put on hiatus for a while.  I don’t intend or expect this to happen, but I just wanted to give you a heads up as to how flexible this “schedule” is.

Under normal circumstances, I usually update at

9am Mondays & Thursdays 

(Sydney, Australia)

This means different times according to where you live (the times below obviously apply to all cities in the same time zone as the ones mentioned):

2pm Sundays & Wednesdays in Vancouver, Canada

2pm Sundays & Wednesdays in Los Angeles, California

4pm Sundays & Wednesdays in Chicago, Illinois

5pm Sundays & Wednesdays in New York City

10pm Sundays & Wednesdays in London, England

11pm Sundays & Wednesdays in Paris, France

12am Mondays & Thursdays in Athens, Greece

12am Mondays & Thursdays in Jerusalem, Israel

7am Mondays & Thursdays in Tokyo, Japan

11am Mondays & Thursdays in Wellington, New Zealand